Most Beautiful AKT 3500 PECVD you will EVER buy !
Gen 3 Generic 550 x670 mm

Original cost above $3million
Single Process Station, 13 Gas lines, with Manual Load-Lock
Impeccably Installed, Run, and Maintained with great care and attention to every detail

Image of AKT 3500 stand-alone system from the side
Load-Lock on the right

Image of system from Process Module rear
Heat-conserving cover in place, and showing environment.
Important:  The moving parts - Gases Served !

Gas line 0:   N2, GPN2, purge/vent
Gas line 1:   3 slm  NF3, OXY/N2 purge
Gas line 2:   2 slm  Ar,  GEN/N2 purge
Gas line 3: 10 slm N2O,  PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 4:   5 slm  N2,  GEN/N2 purge
Gas line 5:   2 slm  Ar,   GEN/N2 purge
Gas line 6:   5 slm  NH3, PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 7: 0.2 slm SiH4 (low flow), PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 8:   2 slm  SiH4 (high flow), PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 9:   1 slm  CH4,  PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 10: 0.5 slm  0.5% PH3/H2, PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 11: 0.5 slm  0.5% TMB/H2, PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 12: 10 slm  H2 (low flow),  PYRO/N2 purge
Gas line 13: 90 slm  H2 (high flow),  PYRO/N2 purge

Typical view showing "clean" and well kept system
This is bottom view of process Chamber.
Process Module Control Station
Dual Circuit Heat Exchanger
Please notice that this is recent model.
A few spares included
Susceptor shown