Coherent Talisker ULTRA355-4 <15 Picosecond @ 1pulse -200kpps

Talisker is a Coherent Fiber-Laser series with <15ps pulselength for micro-machining Thin-Films of ITO, Oxides, Glass, Glass films, and Many, Many more !!  Very popular in manufacturing Touch-Panels, OLED Displays, and Illuminators.. 
Data-Sheet is here.   Cost from Coherent was $260k.  Delivered Nov 2011

 Literature on Talisker ULTRA 355-4 UV Laser, Specs, White Papers, Applications, from Coherent:
White Papers found at this URL:
     Flat Panel
     Touch Panel
     Sapphire Machining
     Glass Processing
Manual: We will loan you our copy to examine upon request on your letterhead.
Transparent Conductive Films Paper from Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)