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Pulnix TMC-73M Single Chip Miniature Industrial
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(aka) MOLECULAR DYNAMICS MD-200 Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope Including Optics Bench, Confocal Mechanisms, Electronics & Uniphase/Cyonics Model 2112A Air Cooled 488nm Ion Laser $2995 !

As Affymetrix replaces the Molecular Dynamics GS-200 generation (design circa 1995, produced until '99, we are told) of the GeneChip Confocal Scanner, we are offering these well built Cartesian laser confocal florescence scanner mechanisms at a mere particle of their original price, and we are selling them for much less than the price of just the air-cooled Ion lasers they contain.

Physical specifications include an illuminating wavelength of 488nm from an air-cooled 4mw TM00 mode very long life Uniphase argon ion laser. The light emitted by this laser excites florescence in the sample being illuminated. Several filters serve to select wavelength from these florescence bands. (Fluorescein 530nm, Rhodamine and others >560nm)

The "pixel" or confocal spot size of this system is designed to be adjusted to 7.5, 11.25, 22.5, or 30 microns, implying a system "f number" better than f/8, according to the resolution formula: 1.25 x wavelength x f/d = resolution, where d=aperture and f= focal length of objective. However, for this instrument, gross resolution has been estimated based on other criteria (the NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE AND JAPAN of the objective lens) to be theoretically about 2 microns.

Note: One challenge for Affy in the future will be to shrink the pixel dimension to 0.8 - 1.2 micron. Funny how reminiscent of semiconductor line widths ten years ago these numbers are. Numbers such as these begin to make the study of "Statistics" take on reality and become quite interesting because we are approaching pixel, transistor, and sample sizes in the range of only hundreds of photons, electrons, or molecules. At these numbers - and soon we will get to the "dozens" magnitude - system parameters - S/N ratio, Dynamic Range, Bit Error Rate, and other measures of information reliability are determined by these integers.


A) RIGID OPTICAL BENCH PLATFORM: Reinforced box-structure aluminum baseplate
                  Interestingly done, it is a kind of "poor-man's" optical table with a flat aluminum
                  plate supported by a rigid aluminum box beam frame.  Optical components are mounted on this.

                 Cyonics / Uniphase 2112A-4SLMD + 2212-4SLMD ('95)
                  Long-life 4mw single line 488nm, TM00 mode laser.
                  As the expected lifetime of these lasers rises rapidly as current density decreases, 
                           these lower power units, designed with low current densities to ensure long, stable lifetimes,
                           are expected to have long lives.

Separated axis precision linear stages with high resolution motion: Horizontal: a 0.45 degree 1.8A/3.6V bipolar step motor drives a precision ball-screw stage moving the sample. side to side. Vertical: a smaller motor drives a beam delivery and microscope lens up and down past the sample. D) OPTICAL PATHS: 1) SIGNAL PATH -> 1) Laser -> 2) Mirrors (which control the path) -> 3) Monochrome Filter, (single 488 line) -> 4)Beam Splitter -> 5) Scanning Lens -> 6) Sample -> back through 7) Scan Lens -> 8) Low Pass Fluorescence Filters -> 9) Confocal Lens -> 10) Confocal Pinhole -> 11) PMT (photomultiplier tube). 2) REFERENCE PATH from the Beam Splitter is to the Reference Channel Sensor which yields a calibration signal for the amplitude of the laser illumination during scanning. E) OPTICAL COMPONENTS: New Focus 1" Mirror mounts, HR Mirrors, Beam Splitters, Kinematic mount Sample support, 3 Motors driving fine pitch screws of a NewFocus mirror mount for sample planarity, Scan lens, detector lens. Narrow-band Filters, Photo Multiplier detector and regulated adjustable Precision 0-1kV PM power supply, F) ELECTRONICS: Power Supplies, Motor controllers and drivers, Laser Power Supply & much more. A total of six step motors and control axes.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Manual for laser included. Other schematics & software not included. G) LIGHT TIGHT ENCLOSURE IMAGES: The MD-200 external view. MD-200 label. View of optics path and laser from above with covers off. Optical path mirror mounts. Filter substituting mechanism. Laser Power Supply. Laser cooling fan and power supply. Motorized horizontal axis scan stage and planarizing mount (rear). Vertical axis scan head with objective lens. PMT precision power supply. Electronics module. Electronics module controlling motors. WEIGHT: 200 lbs. FOB: Union City, CA.,
PRICE: $2995/each

LMDC 3101 Whipple Road, Union City, CA 94587, 510-429-1060, -1065,
E-MAIL (anti-spam):
[inquiry AT lasermotion DOT com], [sales AT lasermotion DOT com], [Purchasing AT lasermotion DOT com]
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