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   3CCD Panasonic Miniature Camera 3-CCD extremely high quality NTSC and PAL cameras.
   Unique High Performance Cooled CCD Camera for astronomy and other ultra-low noise requirements
   Air Bearings - Spindles, Slides, Stages, Systems and Kits
   Affymetrix / Molecular Dynamics Laser Confocal Scanning Microscope Mechanism 
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   Ovens, Furnaces, Environmental Chambers, Temperature, Humidity
   Power generators, transfer switches, intercoolers, Micro - turbine
   Robotics - Commercial Robots, Sensors, PLCC controls, etc.
   Stages - Linear, Rotary, n-axis stages & systems of all types.
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   Test Equipment of all types
   Vacuum -  Systems, Chambers, Pumps, etc. & much equipment   
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   3CCD Panasonic 3-CCD extremely high quality NTSC and PAL cameras. 
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SBC Power PC Single Board Computer model ATX-200 - $99 for Real Time Applications with: 1) VxWorks ROM PowerPC 5.3.1v1.2 2) 64M - 60ns EDO RAM 3) PCI Slot 4) 6 Serial Ports 5) Ethernet Port 6) Battery Backup 7) POWER PC PROCESSOR
( VME reference info: http://www.vita.com/vmeprod/prodir.shtml)
VME Chassis 1 - Mot SMM1147KL600 Rack Mount 12 slot front, 12 slot rear + Hard disk bay and power supply. $375 2 - OEM 19" Rack Mount, 21 Slot Backplane, 120/240vac switcher Power Supply, Mounting Bays for 3" Hard Disk, & 3" Floppy Drive, USED, GOOD. Our Price = $ 299 ,
VME Boards

1) MVME166-011A (See Mot list price for MVME166-12A = $5995 !) (TOP w/o RAM module, BOTTOM) 68040/33MHz - NEW In Motorola Boxes - '99-'00, quantity available NEW in box Linux and RT Linux ports Reliable RT and Control Solution !! o DRAM: 4 MB 32-bit with parity o SRAM: 128KB with battery backup o STATIC RAM: 8K by 8 + time of day clock with battery backup o LED INDICATORS: FAIL, STAT, RUN, SCON, LAN, +12V (LAN power), SCSI and VME. o SWITCHES: RESET and ABORT o TIMERS: Four 32-bit tick timers for periodic interrupts, Watchdog timer, Eight software interrupts o I/O ­ SCSI Bus with DMA ­ SERIAL PORTS with EIA-232-D buffers with DMA (4) ­ PARALELL PRINTER PORT ­ ETHERNET transceiver interface with DMA o VME bus ­ VME system controller functions ­ VME to local bus (A24/A32, D8/D16/D32 (D8/D16/D32/D64BLT) (BLT = Block Transfer) ­ Local bus to VME (A16/A24/A32, D8/D16/D32) ­ VME bus interrupter ­ VME bus interrupt handler ­ Global CSR for interprocessor communications ­ DMA for fast local memory - VMEbus transfers (A16/A24/A32, D16/D32 (D16/D32/D64BLT) o MOTOROLA FIRMWARE "MVME166Bug" consists of three parts: o A command-driven user-interactive software debugger. o A command-driven diagnostic package o A user interface which accepts commands from the system console terminal. 166Bug commands: display and modification of memory, breakpoint and tracing capabilities, assembler/disassembler useful for patching programs, and a self-test at power-up which verifies the integrity of the system. 166Bug routines that handle I/O, data conversion, and string functions are available to user programs through the TRAP #15 system calls. o SOFTWARE SUPPORT: VxWorks, pSOS+, LynxOS, OS-9, VRTX and LINUX, SOFTWARE LINKS: Debian, Richard's Copious Notes (Linux for 680x0 based VME boards), vmelinux.org o USER MANUAL http://www.mcg.mot.com/us/products/docs/pdf/167_d3.pdf o INSTALLATION GUIDE http://www.mcg.mot.com/us/products/docs/pdf/166ig_d2.pdf
2) National Instruments' GPIB 1014 INTERFACE CARD (new) $ 249 3) Mot MVME712M I/O module 4) Data Translation Model DT-1451-60Hz FRAME GRABBER 4 INPUTS: each - 480x512x8 (enough for 24 bit color + 8 bit B&W) (cost = $3400 ) Used, GOOD $ 199 5) Oregon Micro Systems, OMS VMEX-6 Step-Motor Controller board (image)
VXI National INstruments VXI-MXI 181045-01 E4 (1 unit) National INstruments VXI-MXI 181045-02 E4 (2units)
National Instruments model SCXI-1000 Chassis National Instruments model SCXI-1001 Chassis National Instruments model SCXI-1300 Card National Instruments model SCXI-1302 Card National Instruments model SCXI-1100 Card National Instruments model SCXI-1200 Card


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