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Welcome to LMDC (Formerly Laser and Motion Development Company), one of the oldest of web sales companies. Rebuilding this catalogue commenced June 2012. 
LMDC offers a wide variety of semiconductor, disk, optical, biotech, scientific, electronic, and laser equipment and parts.  
Some items are so nice, designwise, and appreciate them so much, that we affectionately call them "PhD-porn ..."  
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The LMDC MISSION is to be a respected supplier of:

DISCOUNTS: If your purchase is for an educational institution ("edu" site), if you are a student or involved in an equivalent teaching or community service project, then we are often able to give you a special discount. Discounts are offered as our contribution where we feel it can make a difference. If your "edu" activities benefit our society, please ask us for a discount. We reserve all rights to grant or withold any and all discounts at our sole discression.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS range from our local customers at Stanford University, UC Berkley, Lawrence Livermore Labs and many Silicon Valley corporations, all the way to New Zealand via both sides of the globe.

THIS CATALOGUE IS FOR EVERYONE: Our customer list includes entrepreneurs of all types - individuals and corporations - including OEMs, University Scientists, Engineers, Processing Service providers, and Manufacturers. PLEASE NOTE This catalogue will never be completely up to date or 100% accurate. If you think we might have what you need, please ask. Enjoy the words, and the savings. After all, that is what brings us together. We attempt to make accurate representation of what we sell. Unless noted or obvious, as in line drawings, images are of the actual item, not a product release or ad image. Although many items are new, much equipment we sell is, unless noted, high quality used equipment. Click here if you are interested in our business approach and philosophy.

YOUR BROWSER AND OUR SITE: We to save your money AND your time. Your suggestions appreciated. We do not use any fancy or complicated web features, and we do not attempt to deposit "cookies" into your computer. We are interested in presenting information quickly and efficiently. Our web philosophy is: "No movies, no banners, no junk". We are impatient surfers ourselves. We don't appreciate the bells, whistles, banners, cookies (... is there an end to this list of irritating web gadgets?) because we have better things to do with our time, and in our humble opinion, these features add no information or convenience.

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