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   Pulnix TMC-73M Single-Chip Miniature Industrial high quality NTSC camera
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   Pulnix TMC-73M Single Chip Miniature Industrial high quality NTSC camera 
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MASTERFLEX PERISTALTIC PUMP DRIVES Just in: Masterflex L/S Pump Drive $195 New in box Model 77300-40 takes Masterflex L/S head 90VDC 0-3600 RPM variable speed brush type motor with 128 count A quad B optical encoder on motor shaft. 5:1 Reducing Gear Fully Sealed Construction with O-ring seals at screws, around case. NEMA IP56 Rating against Dust and strong water jets from any direction. Speed control with any half wave variable speed motor control open loop. For highly precise servo or total volume setpoint control, the optical encoder on the motor shaft provides feedback. speed and total volume. 128 x 5 = 640 Counts/PumpRev
Planck Black Body Radiation Spectrum Sensing Sekidenko Model 2000 Optical Fiber Thermometer
 Model Description    Channels Temp  Power  Price
  0190-00220  Full Display V5.7  4  250-1200C  5VDC/ 5A max  
  0190-00220  Full Display    4  250-1200C  5VDC/ 5A max  
  0190-36524 Non-Display      250-1200C  5VDC/ 5A max  
This is the compact model 0190 4 channel 250-1200C range with either full display or RS232 communications. Power from modular supply. Requires fiber coupling and sensor probe tips. Luxtron 100C Optical Fibre Thermometers & Controllers Mainframe Units, Plug-Ins & Probes. Applications: Semiconductor Wafer Processing, Glass Optical Fibre Drawing Heat Treatment in Induction Furnaces, Sintering, Combustion Research Model 100C Electronics Mainframe System unit with full readout, V2.73 software. RS232, I/O, Accepts either Si or InGas detector module Model 110C Electronics Mainframe System unit WITHOUT readout. RS-232, I/O. Accepts either Si or InGas detector module Si Detector Plug-In Module (plugs into Electronics Mainframe) 4 ch. Si 0.95 400-2000C InGAs Detector Plug-In Module (plugs into Electronics Mainframe) 3 ch. InGas 100-1000C 4 ch. InGas 100-1000C Quartz Optical Fiber (from Electronics Mainframe to Probe Assembly) 3 meter with connectors for detector on one end and probe on the other. Probe Assemblies with Sapphire rod. Rod end must be modified to match application Accufiber thermometry systems can be contact or non-contact. The sensor is coupled to flexible optical fibre which produces light emitted from the target to a photo detector in the electronics unit. The photo detector converts the light energy into an electrical signal which is then digitised. This signal is converted into a temperature value using Planck's radiation equation.

The three sensor types are: Sapphire Lightpipe Sensors, Sapphire Blackbody Sensors and Optical Pyrometer Sensors (lens-based) All sensors connect to the electronics unit via optical fibre, guaranteeing EMI immunity.

Sapphire lightpipe sensors are used for non-contact temperature measurements where the sensor can be close to the target. The lightpipe sensor is a fibre or rod of single crystal sapphire which gathers light from the target. Due to their versatility, they are perfect for difficult to reach targets.

Where intrusion into the process is not possible, Accufiber lens-based optical pyrometer sensors
gather light from the target at much greater distance. They are available with focal lengths from
centimetres to five metres, and for target diameters from sub-millimetre to five centimetres. The unique
Accufiber pyrometer design provides performance far greater than conventional infrared pyrometers.

If physical contact with the target is wanted, or very fast gas temperature measurement is needed, a
selection of sapphire blackbody sensors is available. Accufiber's blackbody sensor is a sapphire fibre
that is coated at its tip to form an effective blackbody emitting cavity.

Two Accufiber electronic units are offered, the Model 10 and Model 100. Common features are;
16 character alphanumeric display, Display units °C, °F, and °K,
16 segment, 16-bit resolution controller
Analogue output: 0-10V, 4-20mA or thermocouple simulation
Digital output: RS-232C (bi-directional)

Model 100 System Electronic Unit:
Sample rate, 80 readings per second divided by number of channels, Bench or panel mount (Carry case available)

Input Module Channels/Module Filter Wavelength (nm) Min Temp (°C) Max Temp (°C) Resolution (°C)
Standard: Silicon detector  1, 2, 4, 6, 8   950    400   2000   0.01
                            1, 2, 4, 6, 8 300/1000 325   1200   0.01
                            1, 2, 4, 6, 8    950   500   4000   0.1
InGaAs Detector             1, 2, 4, 6, 8 800/1700 100   1000   0.01
Dual Wavelength             1, 2, 4       800/950  650   3500   0.1
Wide Bandwidth (10kHz)         2, 4          950   600   2000   0.1
Dual Wavelength /
Wide Bandwidth              1, 2             950   700   2000    0.1
Thermocouple 2, 4, 8  (also 2 T/C & 2 optical)  B, C, J, K, R or S


Production Magnet Charger for rare earth, Neodynium, and other Magnets
Thomas & Skinner / MI - Magnetic Instrumentation, Inc. Model 7500/900 Magnetizer (photo),

0-900 VDC, 12,500 microfarads x four banks: 0-2250 Juoles/bank at 850 volts
(J=1/2 CV2 = 0.5 x 12,500 x10-6 x 850 x 850 = 4500 joules)
4 banks x 4500= 18,000 joules, total, Currents up to 20,000 amps.
Magnetizing fields up to 100,000 Oersteads, Ignitron discharge switching for high speed.
This is a quite powerful unit for magnetizing even the most difficult materials in a production setting. SALE PRICE = $3550

Electromatic of Chicago
model 2PTH5FB-130, Part Number 024942, SERIAL 8965769X, CLASS 04IF, DUTY CYCLE 100% - 10" belt, variable speed. Belt Drive - for critical mechanical component assembly
100A, 208three phase, 50-60Hz inductive load. Low power - but high current
Nearly unused, Original cost - $16K, Our price = $4700/ea.


ISCO Model 2100 Waste Water Sampling System
For unattended sampling of monitored sites $499 Refrigerated Unit $995

Leeman Labs Inc. (Lowell, MA) Model PS1214 Automated Cyanide Analyzer with positions for 88 test samples, 6 calibration standards, and 7 check standards. http://www.leemanlabs.com/products.html " - - improves analytical reliability over manual techniques and enhances operator safety. The PS1214 uses an EPA-approved colorimeteric measurement technique for cyanide that reaches sensitivity levels to the low parts per billion range. Unlike manual analyzers where laboratory personnel must mix noxious reagents samples, the PS1214 mixes the samples and reagents automatically." This unit is unused, in original packing. $4900

Alpha Metals Ionograph This is a "two attache case" size portable ionograph with pump and analyzer units. The function of this unit is to quantify the level of ionic contamination in water by sensitive measurement of conductivity. Considered de rigeur for circuit board contamination standards, and process water purity. $2900

Stainless Precision Tweezers Offer: At a very Special Price Stainless Steel Swiss Tweezers For : Laboratory, Electron Microscopy, SEM, Vacuum, Precision Assembly, Medical, Micromachining, Biology. Electronic, Mechanical, Aerospace, Sample handling, Microscopy.
Are you tired of mal-aligned, poorly finished, dull and strangely hand sharpened tweezers maide by child labour in Pakistan, China and other third world hand-craft shops? Are you equally tired of paying $20 each for good ones imported from Switzerland ? Here is your opportunity: Buy SWISS-MADE, PRECISION STAINLESS STEEL NONMAGNETIC TWEEZERS at STUDENT PRICES from LMDC!

1) Model 3CSA, Aquarius brand straight Tip
$119/dozen, $ 9.95/ea.
110 mm length, "Made In Switzerland", "Antimagnetic" , Super-Sharp pointed , Approximately 4 mil/ 100 micron tip diameter, Ultra-Precision Alignment, no "tip jumping".

2) Model CP15 L.sa, Lindstrom brand Supersharp Straight Tip
$144/dozen, $12.95/ea.,
118 mm length, "Made In Switzerland", "Antimagnetic", Super-Sharp pointed tips, with flat, paralell faces. Approximately 2 mil/ 50 micron tip diameter, Ultra-Precision Alignment, no tip jumping.

3) Model CP15 LB.sa, Lindstrom brand Supersharp Angled Tip
$155/dozen, $13.95/ea.,
114 mm length, "Made In Switzerland", "Antimagnetic", 60 degree angled tips, Super-Sharp pointed tips, with flat, paralell faces. , Approximately 2 mil/ 50 micron tip diameter, Ultra-Precision Alignment, no "tip jumping".


Alpine model 16/8Ro Rotoplex Rotating Knife Granulator Mills (0.3-16mm)
Precision Rotary Blade Granulators These units are being offereed as VERY low cost rotary screen granulators for food, plastics and recycling. Extremely simple. The 10mm thick hardened steel knife blades are seen in sides of chamber and in rotor can be sharpened or replaced at low cost by any machine shop with grinding capability. The only other point of wear is the motor bearings which are replaced in the conventional manner for a few dollars in parts. IMAGES (Assembly)(Complete Unit) (Blades and cutting chamber) (Chamber recess inside cover) show the sturdy cast construction and the replacable screen which lets through properly sized particles. These units have been modified with a smaller diameter inlet port which may be easily enlarged to 4 inches if required.

For plastics, foods, dry and wet materials of all types, as well as scrap and waste glass and metal turnings.

CHAMBER SIZE: 12" x 7" overall
ROTOR: Height = 8cm / 3.2", Rotor Diameter = 16cm / 6.5"
: 3 Phase / 208V / 3HP 3600RPM

Save space, save time by granulating bulk, odd shaped materials into uniform granules in size ranges chosen from 0.3 - 16mm average diameter -

Manufactured by: Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft & Co. OHG, Augsburg 1, Germany , (Alpine nameplate) Alpine Aktiengesellschaft, Augsburg 1, Germany 011-49-821-5906-0


IN FOOD PROCESSING: Nut, Shells, Foods, Spices, Extraction Processes
IN INJECTION MOULDING: Uniform preparation of recycled sprues, gates, and reject parts for re-use as plastic feed stock.
IN BIOTECH and LABORATORY: Destruction and disposal
of needles, containers, hypodermics, Medical Waste, and other disposables.
, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Samples, . . .Rubber, Pigments, Plastics, Sprues, Manufacturing Materials
IN RECYCLING-COMPACTING: Granulating and Reducing Metal Turnings, Film, Plexiglass, Cloth, Plastic, Light bulbs, Components.

* Basic Unit $2195 (The new cost on these units is about $10K)
* Sieves, regulating granulation size1-16mm, are available from Alpine, and "wire cloth" vendors.
* Rental By The Month from LMDC - $ 195 * Lease to Purchase - By arrangement.

HITACHI AT-5000 Acoustic Microscope, Very Low Hours
Includes: (Controls) (Scan Chamber) (Console)
Model 050 Pulser
Model 100 Pulser
Model 100 Detector
Model 100 Receiver
100MHz Auto Oscilloscope, Color Printer, Computer, Image Processon
X-Y-X Precision Motion System for precision Scanning

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