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LMDC Optics & Lasers (and more)


AB-M 16" UV/ Deep UV Exposure
Contact Proximity Mask Aligner System $78K

EXPOSURE (dual mode 17" / 24" diameter): CONTROLS: Intensity, Time and Power
Mode A)
17" diameter / 12" Square Collimated Short Arc Exposure Unit (UV I-line , 350nm).
Mode B) 24" diameter / 16" Square Semi-Collimated Flood Lamp System (Deep UV Hg-Xenon lamp)

The use mode is easily changed from 12" to 16" by removing the collimating lens.
1500w Arc-lamp power supply. with 1000 watt lamp presently installed in housing.

Contact Proximity Maskr Aligner unit for up to 16"x 16" substrates. and 17" square masks
Automation for loading masks and substrates.
Only 620 hours shown on power supply timer.

NOTE: Owned by R&D Flat Panel development company,
elegible for installation and support by AB-M (We contacted them)

HP, Hewlett Packard / Agilent, Excel & Canon
Laser Interferometers and Laser Encoders
for Distance, Velocity and Vibration Measurement:

Please click on the Picture or Model number for more information and product specifications.

HP 5517A
 Laser Head
HP 5517B  Laser Head    Call
HP 10885A 1 PC Axis Board  2400  Call
HP 10889B 1 PC Servo-Axis Board  3700

HP/Agilent Price
LMDC Price
In Stock
  HP 10567A Dual Beam Beam-Splitter
$ 2,215
$ 1,190
HP 10700A HP 10700A 33% Beam-Splitter
$ 665
$ 375
HP 10701A 50% Beam-Splitter
$ 610
$ 375

HP 10702A

Linear Interferometer
$ 2,215
$ 1,190
  HP 10703A Retroreflector
$ 665
$ 375
HP 10704A Retroreflector
$ 665
$ 425
HP 10705A

Single Beam Interferometer

$ 2,650
  HP 10706A Plane Mirror Interferometer
$ 3,570
$ 1,895
HP 10707A Beam Bender
$ 510
$ 295
HP 10710A Adjustable Mount Small Cubes
$ 100
These components and interferometer systems by HP, Agilent, Excell and Teletrak, 
for measuring distance, velocity and vibration are among the most useful available.
They are simple, elegant, but do require your understanding and a little homework.
However, I) because system design is a MAJOR component of the "success" (read that
" - it works, is consistent and accurate - ") of your project, and II) because 
both engineering and tech time is expensive here in Silicon Valley, we strongly 
recommend 1) that you do your own design, and 2) that you bone up pretty 
thoroughly on the principles and details.  

- we provide tested, working laser heads. We do not measure the outout power..
We are in no position to GUARANTEE the lifetime of the head.

HP 5517A Laser Head                       (7240)  $1550
HP 5517B Laser Head    (specs)            (7240)  $2450

HP 10567A Dual Beam Beam Splitter         (2215)  $1190
HP 10706A Plane Mirror Interferometer     (3570)  $1895

HP 10701A 50% Beam Splitter               ( 610)  $ 375
HP 10705A Single Beam Interferometer      (2650)  $1495

HP  Fast Pulse Converter Board
HP 10780A Receiver                        ( 600)  $ 225

Canon, Model L-108/50 Laser Linear Encoder                                 
A & B Phases: 1.0V p-p sine (0.8 micron spatial period).  . (photo)
Laser Read Head, 50mm Quartz Scale, and Documentation. $1195
50mm Quartz Scale                                                                                 $  950
L-108  Laser Read Head                                                                         $  690


2) TECHMET "LASER-MIKE" Model 79-05 for measuring diameters 0-5" with non contact HeNe beam accuracy of 0.1%. (No readout module, included) head only (the expensive part - nearly $17K) Readout is based on interruption time - use a counter with a time base to measure the intervals. $1950

5) TROPEL FLAT FIELD "f-theta" LENS (f = 288mm), Wavelength = HeNe, Design aperture = f/14 $399

He-Ne Lasers:

1) SPECTRA-PHYSICS model 124B HeNe Laser. 20mw, xcellent beam quality and power.
Solid performing laser for holography and diffraction-limited work.
$ 595

2) TECHMET "LASER-MIKE" Model 79-05 for measuring
diameters 0-5" with non contact HeNe beam accuracy of 0.1%. (No readout module, included) head only (the expensive part - nearly $17K) Readout is based on interruption time - use a counter with a time base to measure the intervals. $1950

4mW Siemens He-Ne Tube with
24VDC Laser Drive 6.5ma/2400v power supply. This is a nice long laser tube with traditional excellent pointing accuracy. Unused, in manufacturer's packaging $ 149

4) 120 VAC Laser Drive 5.5ma/2400v
power supply with ballast resistor Why the strange color ? Copper foil covered to reduce radiated EMI, and for some applications this feature could be quite useful. Used, guaranteed $35

5) TROPEL FLAT FIELD "f-theta" LENS (f = 288mm), Wavelength = HeNe, Design aperture = f/14 $575

6) 4mm to 60mm beam expander telescope $390

Argon & Krypton Ion Lasers:

Model 161C
Air Cooled laser Tube, New . . . . . . . . . . . .. $ 999
Model 162A
Air Cooled Ion Laser with 262A supply . . . $1590
Model 164 Ion laser with 265 exciter
Model 168-06 laser with 265 exciter
Model 314 De-Ionizer, filter and circulating pump system

COHERENT ION laser power supplies (OEM for 5 -10w tubes)

Model 0609-450-01 '89, 187-260VAC, Three phase, 36 amps max., 6kw, 4 wire. Manufacatured by EMI (Electronic Measurements, Inc. ) These supplies may require a bit of "do-it-yourself" attention to the interface and wiring (we have no remotes to offer) , but these are good supplies and the results are worthwhile. $650.


Model 543-200MGS-A-01 Air Cooled Ion Laser #1503 with 160T/B Power Supply

Model 2211-20SLE Air Cooled Argon Laser #2547 '96 with:
Model 2111A-10SL Power Supply (120VAC) #7820

6"/160mm 1:20 Expander Telescope
. - the result of a joint effort from Special Optics with a n OEM system integrator. Hand tested and final figured to give a diff limited wavefront 6" in diameter. This is the starting point on the way to to making your own interferometer. Original cost exceeded $13k in quantity. $7450

For a Argon Ion based Confocal Scanner, take a look at our
Molecular Dymanics' (Affymetrix) page.

For a great reference, see SAM's ....

Dye Lasers:

Model FL-2003
1MW Dye laser Pulse Amplifier $2200

Diode Emitter Lasers:

Model OPC-B015-FCTS 15 watts out of fiber.
(Includes 2:1 focusing lens. 200µsec - CW Used, low hours) - $5,950

SDL (Spectra Diode Labs)
Model 800 (Photo)
2Amp Diode Laser Driver $ 549
Model 820 (Photo)
10Amp Diode Laser Driver $1649
This unit includes pulse generating and timing controls for general lab applications.
Model 822 (Photo)
15Amp Diode Laser Driver $1950

5mw, 650nm Laser Diodes, model S4V36 - 10/$29

CO2 Lasers

RF Excited Pulsed Q-Switched CO2
SPL-100 / GEM-Q-400 up to 400 microJoule/pulse, up to 100khz prf
Laser Head + Power Supply = Complete System
Short Pulse Laser MODEL SPL-100 Q-switched for drilling ceramics, PCB Laser-Via drilling, and other tasks difficult with conventional CO2 lasers. All units are unused in manufacturer's original crates. The cost of this laser from Coherent is approximately $80,000.
LMDC price for these unused lasers = $44,000/each.
image of head), (image of supply), (image of system components)
Average Power = >15W @ 50 kHz PRF
Average Power Stability = ± 3% typ
Peak Power = >2.5 kW
Pulse Energy = > 400 µJ @ 10 kHz
Pulse Width = <150 nsec FWHM
Modulation = Up to 100 /100% M
Beam Diameter (1/e2) = 2.25 mm nominal
Beam Divergence = 6.0 ±.5 mrad full-angle typical
Beam Quality = M2<1.2
Wavelength = 9.25 ±0.05 µm
Polarization = Cir cular
Weight of Laser Head = 74 lbs. (33.6 kg)
Weight of C/PS Module = 63 lbs. (28.6 kg)
C/PS Module Dimensions 7 x 19 x 19 in. (18 x 48 x 48 cm)
Power = 200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 13 Amps Max.
Cooling Flow Rate = >2.0 gpm

"Blazer 6000"
TEA High Power 10.6µm / 6 joule/pulse Pulse Marking Laser (2 units) $8,900/ea.

Model 952 20 watt single mode CW CO2 laser for R&D applications $ 900

1 - 20W
RF Sealed pulsed 10% duty cycle CO2 laser with 400 Watt RF Power Supply. $2250
2 - 400W pulsed RF
(40MHZ 25% duty) Supply (to drive RF ealed CO2 lasers) $ 950

20 W
. Sealed CO2, linear DC excited $ 2,150

CO2 Accessories:
Diamond Turned OFHC Copper over Aluminum Plane Mirrors up to 14 inch Dia.
(Please Call to discus)


Excimer 193nm

LAMBDA PHYSIK Lithography Lasers for Semiconductor (eg: Nikon Steppers) All are Line narrowed, New or Excellent Condition. Original cost of these lasers was $1.2million

Model A2020 193nm 2kHz Serial 6469 Unused in Factory crate
Model A2020
193nm 2kHz Serial 6795 Unused in Factory crate
Model A2020B
193nm 2kHz Serial 6794 Unused in Factory crate (kinematic mounts)
The A2020 is a 2kHz pulse rate x 10mJ = 20 watt output laser at 193nm wavelength.
Gas charge lifetime is about 100 million pulses, and a tube assembly lifetime of about 4 billion pulses.

Model A4020 193nm 4kHz Serial 7181 USED, low hours
(kinematic mounts are standard on 4020)
The A4020 is a 4kHz pulse rate x 10mJ = 40 watt output laser at 193nm wavelength.
Gas charge lifetime is about 50 million pulses, and a tube assembly lifetime of about 4 billion pulses.
Bandwidth is <25pm.


Excimer 248nm

Lithography Lasers for Semiconductor (eg: Nikon Steppers) All are Line narrowed, Excellent Condition.

Model K2020B 248nm 2kHz Serial 6947 USED, low hours (line narrowed, kinematic mounts)
Model K2020B 248nm 2kHz Serial 6967 USED, low hours (line narrowed, kinematic mounts)
The K2020 is a 2kHz pulse rate x 15mJ = 30 watt output laser at 248nm wavelength.
Gas charge lifetime is about 100 million pulses, and a tube assembly lifetime of about 4 billion pulses.
Bandwidth is <100pm.

Model "lambda litho" 248nm 1kHz Serial 4181 USED

YAG, YLF & Vanadate Lasers (1064, 532nm)

Model DPY315-II Diode Pumped CW laser, 532nm (green) Very Low Hrs. Approx 200mw.

ZT-15-100 Diode Pumped Vanadate Laser Q-switched.
20microJ/70kHz UNUSED in Coherent Packing $9.500

Model 438, 400w pulsed, 79 joules/pulse = $39,500
Model 510,
with Q-switch, Harmonic Generator, Beam Delivery $3750 (Photo of power supply), (Photo of laser)
Model 620, 100 w $12,750

Model 4611-010-0498 µGreen SLM Laser
with power supply. (Photo of Laser) (
Photo of Final Test Sheet)
New in factory boxes. CW green/532 diode pumped solid state CW laser for applications in science, biotech, confocal microscopes, and many others:
OUTPUT POWER TM00 = 12-20mw (typical = 15mw)
DIVERGENCE < 1.2mrad
NOISE < 0.5%

New -
(web site) Model LW15E-2E 15 watt, air cooled, 45 watts for 10 seconds, high energy pulsed welding laser system, low hours, excellent. Two fibers included, with video/delivery optics (x 2)
(Label) (Technical Spec) (Delivery Systems) (Delivery Head)
OUTPUT = 0.3 - 10ms/0-25J pulses $27K

Model C-120 YAG laser
: AO Q-sw 20 watt/5w TM00 , Includes heat exchanger, power supply, Q-Switch and driver (Unused)

Model YOL-102 EO Q-Switched laser
: 2 MEGAWATTS(!) peak @ 200mJ/10nS !!!

SEO Schwartz Electro-Optics
Model MPS-1047
Diode Pumped Nd:YLF laser
with SSC-40 Control/Power supply/chiller. M2<1.25, vertical polarized, RS-232 interface, Q-swich 0-200,000/sec, 7W average TMOO power output, 3m umbilical, beam diameter = 1mm, history: lab use only - not used in production $12,500

Model BL-106Q Diode Pumped High Rep Rate Vanadate laser with "T-20" pump supply


J-K EO Q-Switch
10ns fall time Including driver module $ 600

AO Q-Switch
3005-53-000-68MHz, for YAG and Model 331 driver both: $ 950

AO Q-Switch
Module model 5100A $ 750

Laser Power Supplies
for YAG lasers. (photo) CWPS #116 1990, CWCG #113 1989

(At a price all can afford) Arrowhead P-154, size: 18"x3.5" for water cooler circuits, etc. These units are unused in original packing NEW $29

YAG Optics, 1064 nm:

1) OFR Isolator, 5mm, model IO-5-YAG (OFR price = $3k) 4 available - Price = $1795
07MFM003 Flexure Mirror Mounts containing 25mm YAG Bending Mirrors $195/ea
36 series Az-El micrometer mount with 10mm 50/50% beamsplitter cube $390
RSP-IT + CH-05 rotation mount with a 0.5" cube holder and polarizing prism
MT-RS rotary mount with YAG wave-plate

Thermopile Calorimeters:
Model LC-13.5-1.5 from Lawrence Livermore, Designed for single-shot YAG measurements
* Diameter of Detector = 1.5", Thermopile Resistance = 2.5 ohms
* Heater Resistance = 125 ohms, Radiation Sensitivity = 800 microvolts/Joule
* Mounted in a 7" diameter baffled and insulated tube approximately 30" in length.

Sapphire "Laser-Blade" YAG Delivery Surgical Tips
(originally manufactured for contact surgery with a YAG or other laser, but extremely useful in any Sapphire high index application such as concentrating light onto the smallest possible area) These are pure, water clear sapphire cylinders of 2.4mm diameter with a conical tip of defined radius:
PRICE = $49/ea

30mm Blade 0.4mm Model LB4F
30mm Blade 0.6mm Frosted Tip Model LB6F
30mm Blade 0.8mm Frosted Tip Model LB8F
30mm Blade 1.0mm Frosted Tip Model LB10F
30mm Blade 1.2mm Frosted Tip Model LB12F

30mm Blade 0.4mm Clear Tip Model LB4
30mm Blade 0.6mm Clear Tip Model LB6
30mm Blade 0.8mm Clear Tip Model LB8
30mm Blade 1.0mm Clear Tip Model LB10
30mm Blade 1.2mm Clear Tip Model LB12

Supplied in autoclavable box suspended between silicone rubber sheets Pricing = $39/ea
(for) Copper or Excimer:

A.L.E 0-40KV, 3000J/sec unused, in factory boxes $ 1495

Just In -
TDK 30KV/1700 pfd.±10%,
(about 3/4 joule)
model UHV- 5A 172K Energy Discharge Capacitors, Low Inductance, High Rep Rate, Doorknob Style, threaded studs, 50mm diameter, 26.5mm width at stud faces weight = 150 grams, 1500 units, NEW, guaranteed, In original factory packaging, (TDK's price is now at $100 , with 4 months delivery) $49each

Laser Accessories:

A) TROPEL FLAT FIELD "f-theta" LENS f = 288mm, Wavelength = HeNe, Design aperture = f/14
SALE = $395
GS300s, servo X-Y scanner module with mirrors for ion / visible (no amps) $695
C) NEW! CANON KP-1 ROTARY LASER MOTOR-ENCODER $1975 (Same encoder as K-1 Encoder)
Original Images
: Side View, Mounting Flange, Canon's label, Connector
Canon KP-1 Motor-Encoder Web Page - specs
Motor Stroke: +/-30deg Encoder Resolution: 0.019urad , or 1.2nm(at R=2.4") [ with Canon's proprietary controller card, however other viable alternativces include Delta Tau, Micro-E, and many others. Anorad Heidenhain interpolators can be interfaced easily to interpolate Sin/Cos encoder outputs and provide resolution, typically, 256x - 16Kx.]

For Reference: Canon K-1 Encoder Web Page - specs
Resolution (with 256x interpolation) = 1/16 arcsec.
Cycles/Rev = 81,000/rev = 225/degree = 3.75/minute
Max. frequency response: 500kHz (360 rpm)
Sine Output = 1Vp-p

Laser Goggles new:
1: Fish-Shurman Optical (New York) ,
Full Goggle with removable optical view plate 900nm density = 5, YAG (1.064 ) density = 9, full eye coverage, top, bottom, side & front $59
2: Eyeglass style
side flaps, YAG Optical Density = 4.5 $39

Beam Expanding Telescopes:
1) 20" f/5 LIDAR OPTICS: Here is a complete receiving system telescope to make your budget work: Includes:22" f/5 focusing mirror mounted in a rigid cell in a 110" tube, 45 degree Newtonian diagonal mirror, 28" clear diameter Rotating, ball bearing, step motor driven, gimbal (was used for the elevation mirror, not included), a smaller diameter laser beam launching optical path. All optics are mounted in a painted white aluminum telescope tube. All for less than the cost of the mirror. $8250
Special Optics 6"/160mm Beam Expander 1:20 Expander Telescope for Argon and other visible $7500
Laser Power Meters and Radiation Sensors:

Meter  1825C, Analog/Digital
Sensor  818-BB-30 InGasPIN, 500ps=Tr, 5x10-3mm2=area 
Meter  820, analog meter readout

 Nova Power Meter

Meter TPM-300 
Sensor PS-310
Sensor ED-100 Pyroelectric 200nm-40micron, 100V/J, 0.1J max, 1ms Tr

Light Intensity Meter for UV photomask exposure. Sensor is configured as a vac. wafer chuck.

LLRL (Lawrence, Livermore) 
Thermopile Calorimeters Model LC-13.5-1.5 
Designed for single-shot YAG measurements
 * Diameter of Detector = 1.5", Thermopile Resistance = 2.5 ohms
 * Heater Resistance = 125 ohms, Radiation Sensitivity = 800 microvolts/Joule
 * Mounted in a 7" diameter baffled and insulated tube approximately 30" in length. $350/ea

LabMaster Meter, with LM10 Quadrant Sensor. (Several Labmasters in stock - please call)

Meter, Optometer Model 81  This is a current-mode op-amp input design with 10e9 readout range for use with unbiased PIN and PN diodes. Integrating Sphere 4", 2 port , 1cm pin diode,  Radiometric Filter Model 115-9

IS-020-SL  2"ID Integrating Sphere sith 4 ports 

360 001 Sensor 
380 101 Sensor
360 203 Baffled, Insulated Sensor Enclosure
365 Digital Power and Energy Meter

Brand New Resin DI Water Polishing Cannisters (Photo) At a price anyone can afford 18" x 3.5" Arrowhead model P-154, for water cooler circuits, etc. Get up to 10 meg water with two of these in a small circulating system with one used as the "Polishing" unit, and the other as the "rough" unit: $29/each

Including HC-500 Controller, HC-320 Camera Controller, HC-310 Camera and Exposure plate, Table, Optics, He-Ne Laser Source,
$ Sales, $ Rent or $ lease terms available.

200mm Diffraction limited f/2 fourier transform lens. Focal length = 12", Clear Aperture = 8", pupil diameter = 6". Original cost was $65k. Our price for unused unit is $8,500

Optical Lab Components

Carl Zeiss 40mm This beautiful, handy autocollimator is the traditional, extremely stable and rigid Zeiss design
. Lens = 200mm x 32mm (that's f/6 for any optical designers in the audience), Overall length = 250mm, Rigid hard steel barrell = 160mm long x 40mm diameter, Eyepiece focus range = +/-8mm. TWO RETICLES: Projected Reticle with green light filter, and graduated eyepiece reticle (image taken with Nikon 995 camera purposely out of focus to emphasize reticle pattern. Vignetting from camera, not eyepiece) with 1 min graduations +/- 100 arc-minutes. Each reticles meticulously aligned with optical axis via 5 adjusting screws. Projection Illuminator not included, however we suggest a compact, reliable and inexpensive high brightness white LED. PRICE = $775


1 - X-Y-Z 5mm travel Manual Positioners. Includes UMR3.5 Stage Bodies (3), BM11.5 5mm Micrometer, 10 micron increments (3), M-PBN-3 Baseplate (1), EQ-50 Angle Bracket (1) Newport price = 887. Our price $299
2 - M-481-A
Manual Rotation Stage with Micrometer (Image) used, good, guaranteed $199
3 - LP-1
5-axis lens mounts $429
4 - GM-2
Mirror Mount
5 - 840 Motor-Mike 12.5mm New $150 (photo)

2" travel Translation Stages:
4.5" square base, Steel 50mm (2") travel, 2" dia clear aperture, 1/4- - 20 bolt pattern. Extremely Strong Construction. Micrometer not included.
Center Mount 07TSC007 = $262,
Side Mount 07TSS007 = $262

NANOMOVER Motor-Mikes Model 11NCM001,
Travel = 25mm. Typical Accuracy = ±250nm, Typical Repeatability = ±80nm $695

Model 20030 STEPPER-MIKE CONTROLLER: (photo) with: ORIEL Model 18500 STEPPER-MIKES (photo) (2Axis) Unused $1195

model IS-020-SL 2"ID Integrating Sphere sith 4 ports

Motor-Mike 18011 0.5" New $ 75 (photo) ,

Optical Tables, Air-Support Legs, & Accessories

Just In -
2'x 3' Nominal Breadboards.
Actual 23"x 34"x 2" $290 (Photo) (Corner & Label)
Hole Pattern: 21x33 holes with 1/4"x20 threads.
These are rigid breadboards priced for the economy ! Order several for your lab or manufacturing setups.
Applications: Optics, Jigs, Patternmaking, Assembly of all kinds, Automation and Mechanisms.
Used to hold fixtures - as visible in photos, in near perfect condition. Quantities available.

New -
4' x 8' x 2" nom. (1.2 x 2.4m) Metric Breadboards
Kinetic Systems 4'x 8'x 2"/1200x2400x50mm Metric Optical Breadboard
(appearance of staining in the image is an artifact of lighting and the surface finish of the SS top. For a more accurate impression, see other photos) "Type 4 AAA"  with Spherical Kinematic Mounts Exact inch dimensions = 47.2"x 94.4".
Sealed Threaded Holes:  25mm/"1 inch" pattern for 6mm "M6" Screws  in magnetic stainless tops.
Condition: These are unused, new in manufacturer's wrapping.
Cutouts:  50mm Kinematic Mount 200mm from each corner and 150mm hole 350mm from one end.  
Kinematic Mounts:
The four corner cutouts each contain a ball with a precison hole 
Using 1/4"x20 fastners now?  All you need is a box of  M6 Hex Head Bolts. for about $10) All Newport and equivalent mounts and hardware fit M6 metric just as easily. )   note:  These are new tables chosen by government laser labs for extremely rigid  laser component mounting of EHP lasers used in nuclear research.

4'x 8' Table COVER,
2" honeycomb model TE1408 $ 950
4' x 5' x 12" Optical Table
12" thick, no holes $1750
Research Grade+ 4'x12'x18" Model RS4000-412-18 (13,692) our price $6,990
Research Grade 4'x10'x18" Model RS4000-410-18 (11,703) our price $5,990
Research Grade 4'x10'x18" Model RS2000-410-08 ( 8,786) our price $4,490
(LEG SET (4) 660-8000lbs. I-2000 Active Leveling Leg Set (4) Model I-2000-4H $3,495)

ALUMINUM OPTICAL CUBE 18"x18"x18" Foam filled aluminum casting with 1/4"x20 helicoil reinforced threads on three sides. 2" square pattern, starting 1" from edge. $ 995 (Photo)
Modern Optics 6'x10' (8.5") Optical Table
8.5" thick, 1" Pattern . 66" x 15" x 2.5" shelf and 12" support rods (no holes) (closeup, table) (similar to Newport Research Grade), SN 51557 $4475
Kinetic Systems Vibration Isolation System 48"x 60"
(Large) Platform supported 6" above floor $2250
3-D TABLE SPECIAL: NRC Horizontal / vertical "T"shape
(rear view) 6 foot long table in a single. super-rigid unit shown "special" in NRC catalogue 1994 edition on p. 16.31, $2550

400-800nm 1/5M, 5x20mm grating, mechanical digital readout, 7 turn wavelength adjustment shaft. YOU can attach a stepper to this shaft to create AUTOMATED TUNING capability Special - $195

MACBETH MODLE 931 DENSITOMETER: Macbeth TD931 Orthochromatic Transmission Densitometer, Log responding, Correspond to specifications ISO 5/3 (spectral condition), ISO 5/2 (geometric conditions). Also feature RS-232 output for logging and remote display. $595

TECHMET "LASER-MIKE" Model 79-05 for measuring diameters 0-5" with non contact HeNe beamaccuracy of 0.1%. No readout module, head only (the expensive part - $17K)
"SALE" = $3300

COOPER Precision micrometer aligned FIBER LAUNCHER $2200

Advanced Kinetics Thermal Radiation System BB 1000 Blackbody, IR CSE-V Chopper IRD-3 Detector System, all with gold plated, evacuated chambers 1000K/723C $ALE" = $2750

lathe bed optical benches, 120 cm. & 160 cm. and accessories.

Complete (Lease or Buy) $5500

Diffraction limited fourier transform lens f/2, with focal length 12", clear aperture, (original cost approximately $65k ) Used by little old lady driving slow photons. $13,500,


100mm, 4" Polarizing Filter, of optical Quality Plastic. $35

20mm, Polaroid Glass polarizing filters. Thickness 1mm: 20/$17

Flats (reflectors), for interferometers, scanners and so on - :

       Surface              Dims                 Qty.     Price

1) Gold   10.00"x 0.75"  9  $175
2) Silver 15.50"x 2.33"  7  $350
3) Copper  8.75"x 0.50" 40  $ 99
4) Clear   7.75"x 0.75" 26  $ 39

LENSES for Imaging, Litho, and Photography

RODENSTOCK Apo Gerogon     9.0 / 270mm   Extra Wide Field       $ 650
SCHNEIDER-KR.              9.0 / 270mm   10:1   G. Clarion
ZEISS S-Tessar             5.6 / 300mm                          $ 475 
NIKON Apo-NIKKOR           9.0 / 305mm   Great view camera lens $ 700
RODENSTOCK Apo Ronar       9.0 / 600mm   Wide Field             $ 450


BAUSCH & LOMB STEREO MICROSCOPES (photo) Stereo- Zoom 4 on boom stand.

MICROSCOPES Please note: the photo is not of the same model offered below)
Wild M7A Zoom Stereo Microscope Price $2750, 6x - 31x zoom magnification, 10x WF eyepieces, Ring Illuminator, Boom Stand with Focusing Mount, Guaranteed for 1 year

MACHNINST's STEREO MICROSCOPE HEADS (Require stand or mount, and a focusing means) Designed for medical applications, such as coloscopy and in slit lamps. Optics which excel in clarity. (Similar to Wild design), Working distance = 6", Click-stop magnifications: 6X, 12X, 24X Price: $395, satisfaction guaranteed

NIKON SMZ Series Stereo 5X Zoom Microscopes
(Similar to SMZ-2B except for Zoom Control)
Image of Optics head with eyepieces

10X WF - Wide-Field High-Eyepoint, providing a large viewfield and enabling the microscopist to wear eyeglasses Eyetubes inclined 45 degrees for comfort

5:1 Ratio 0.8X-4X for 8-40X total magnification with 10X eyepieces.
Continuous Adjustment via rotating ring

80mm effective from bottom of body

Greenough Geometry = Inclined Optical Path Uses prisms (not lower cost mirrors) to erect image Extremely clear Nikon engineered imaging

All metal, Sturdy, Reliable, Adjustable, Repairable, Easy to service

ILLUMINATION is the other "half" of any microscope. The choice of illumination and the illuminator itself make the difference between anumber informative view and a useless one. With a little creative effort and some tinkering, the result can be "brilliant". Several approaches are suggested:
a) Fiber Ring lights offer a quasi-darkfield approach.
b) Brightfield can be improvised by shining collimated into one eyetube and making the observation through the other. This is a vert powerful technique for revealing surface detail and creating contrast in semi-transparent materials, especially if polarizing filters are also used.
c) For diffuse lighting, take a disposable polystyrene coffee cup, cut a hole in the bottom to fit the nose of the microscope, cut a smaller hole in the side to introduce illumination, and voila, you have a 90% effective integrating "sphere" providing very uniform illumination.
d) Finally, for specular, collimated light, the new "white" LED flashlights are VERY good, and are quite small enough to aim easily. Experiment to get the best results and to see fine surface marks and indentations.

Nikon SM-5 Head (10x WF eyepieces):   $349
Focus mount                           $120
Boom Stand                            $195
Super-Heavy Boom Stand                $365
Fiber Ring Light Illuminator          $199

Biology, Dissection, Observation, Microsurgery, Precious Stones, Pearls and Jewelery Examination, Document Evaluation, Palentology, Microelectronics, Circuit Assembly and Inspection, Mechanical Components Imspection
Using Digital Cameras: For Small Entrance Pupil cameras such as Nikon 950, 990, 995, to avoid vignetting (you will have to adjust the camera zoom towards midedle or telephoto end of the range) you can create perfectly focused images relying on autofocus. All that is required is to place the camera lens against the eyepiece, or close to the same position the eye would be in, focus the microscope (or telescope) until camera autofocus can "acqure" focus, and shoot. And don't forget to turn the flash to "off".

For a nicely presented technical discussion from Nikon, please view:
IOHO (Our Humble Opinion -) the Greenough geometry has fewer glass/air interfaces, is less costly for equivalent performance, and does not introduce an assymetrical element (the common objective lens) in the optical path. The result is a "clearer" image with more contrast. The same cannot be said for all brands. Nikon optics have been renowned for decades for high acuity and excellent resolution. The view through these Nikon SeteroZoom scopes rivals the best we
have seen.


VISION ENGINEERING "Macro" DYNASCOPE with 4 illumination sources and power supply, all mounted on flat base Exc. PRICE = $2900

for compairing disk drive heads, sliders and other ultra-flat or specially curved surfaces with reference flats or curved surfaces. Includes two each of the following objectives: 100X. 50X, 20X, 10X, reference mirror, interferometer cube assembly He-Ne monochrome light source fiber coupled to illuminator, Trinocular head, video camera and monochrome display. Refrence mirror moves in angle, Specimen table moves in X,Y,Z, and interferometer moves wrt the refrence mirror. Ergolux style base. $19,500

NIKON Optophot Mounted on Ultra-Rigid Measuring Stand $3950
Trinocular, Brightfield / Darkfield 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x

UNITRON Type"N", an older metallurgical inverted microscope with tungsten and Xenon lights, polarizing filters, polaroid camera and 35 mm adapter. No objectives. this is for the experimenter, prototype-maker and collector $ 395

Kat-Optron Model LDM 1/S Completely reflective optics Long Distance Microscope (used at major research labs) Factory price is $18K, Our price = $5900

LEITZ (RSM THREADS) BRIGHTFIELD 170/- "C" 5X/0.09 BrField */infinity/- NPL 10x/0.20 BrField infinity/- NPL 20x/0.40 BrField infinity/- NPL Fluotar 5x/0.09 BrField 11.80mm infinity/0 NPL Fluotar 20x/0.45 BrField 2.31mm infinity/0 NPL Fluotar 50x/0.85 BrField 0.23mm */infinity/0 NPL Fluot 100x/0.90 BrField 0.28mm infinity/1.80Quarzgl. H32x/0.60 BField LWD,Heated Stage 5.80mm infinity/0 L32x/0.60 BField LWD (Long Working Distance) infinity/0/30 LL20X/0.40 BField (Strain-Free) 10.10mm DARKFIELD infinity/0 NPL 5x/0.09DF DarkField 6.30mm infinity/0 NPL 10x/0.20DF DarkField 11.80mm infinity/0 NPL 20x/0.36DF DarkField 2.31mm infinity/0 NPL 50x/0.85DF DarkField 0.23mm NIKON M Plan 60x/0.80 210/0 BrightField BD Plan 60x/0.70ELWD 210/0 DarkField OLYMPUS (RSM THREADS) MD Plan 10x/0.25 "infinity/-f=180" S Plan 10x/0.30 "160/0.17" NEO S Plan Bright Field 100x/.90 infinity corrected high acuity NEO S Plan Bright Field 50x/.70 infinity corrected high acuity NEO S Plan Bright Field 20x/.50 infinity corrected high acuity NEO S Plan Bright Field 5x/.12 infinity corrected high acuity NEO S Plan Bright Field 2.5x/.06 infinity corrected high acuity EALING REFLECTING OBJECTIVE Ealing model 25-0506 15X/0.28 Reflecting Objective f=13mm, field=1.2mm, obstruction = 17.5%, Working Distance = 24mm, Threads = RMS $1950
FLAT FIELD HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO EYEPIECES: Olympus FK 3.3X $100 Olympus FK 6.7X $100 Olympus NFK 6.7X $130 Olympus BiWF 15X $100 Leitz Periplan GF12.5X $100


NEW Z-Stand for 12"x 12" Stages and Optics. 
     New in crate, ready to ship, 
     6 available, but don't wait too long.                            $ 3,900

Technical Instruments 
Z-Stand and 12"x 12" stage.  Spatial resolution < 1micron,
     transmitted light illuminatior, Step-motor drive, Universal Screws.  
     Adapter to mount Nikon Optics included - (Cost exceeded $40K)    $24,700

Z-Stand only. Add the stage and optics of your dreams               $ 4,900

Manual 6"x 6" Stage,  Coaxial, controls,  Transmitted Light, 
  Semperex M-66 part# 11-6000  on Semperex D-102 BF/DF Stand  with post, part# 10-2504 
  for Stereo-Zoom Scopes and Macroscopes.   Condition = Ex.    $ 1,590

Motorized 6"x 4" Stage with Controller (RS-232 interface to computer) part# 12-6438, 
  Standard, Reflected Light, 1 micron resolution, (new cost = $8800). 
  The latest software revision for metrology, X-Y PC-DRO costs $395 from Semperex. 
  Condition = VG.     $ 4,250

Manual Disk Measuring Stage 5"x 3" x 360 (Theta) Semperex part # 12-9058 (#010391)  
  with encoders for R-Theta, 1 micron x 0.10 degree, manual coaxial controls, reflected light only, 
  on Nikon Optophot Stand,  for optics of your choice (Includes the Nikon Stand)   $  3,900

Manual Disk Measuring Stage 6"x 6"x 360 (Theta) Semperex model K66, Co-Ax, Reflected Light, 
with X-Y glass scale encoders. Semperex part # 12-9068 (#070388) with "measuring system"
 - no readout - 1 micron resolution. Factory cost without readout = $5900. PRICE = $2900

Manual 5"x 5" Microscope Measuring System Stage with 1 micron readout resolution. (Photo) 
  (125 x 125 mm/1 micron resolution) Precision Semperex x-y microscope stage with 
  Coaxial control knobs, Will mount on many microscope stands. Heidenhain LS903 Glass linear 
  encoders, and a 1micron / 0.000 04" resolution. Available with QUADRA CHEK II READOUT. (Photo) , 
  or: HEIDENHAIN DUAL X-Y READOUT (Photo)  {Quadra Readout calculates circle radii, p-p distances, 
  angles, etc.} Microscope Stage, Encoders:  
  With Quadra-Chek Calculating Readout   $2,900, 
  With Heidenhain Digital readout        $1,900

Manual 2"x 4" Super-Rigid Measuring Stage System capable of 0.10 micron readout resolution with 
  added interpolation module. 50 mm x 100 mm travel. Precision x-y measuring stage with 
  heavy crossed-roller bearings. Heidenhain non-contact Glass linear encoders 
  QUADRA CHEK II READOUT (offers 0.5 micron resolution). Readout calculates circle radii, p-p distances, 
  angles, etc. Microscope Stage, Encoders, Calculating Readout:   $ 3,875

Manual 6"x 6" Coaxial rack and pinion drive, Transmitted Light, high precision stage. 
  Unk. mfg. of very high quality. Cond. = VG,      $ 950


HITACHI AT-5000 Acoustic Microscope, Very Low Hours
Includes: (Controls) (Scan Chamber) (Console)
Model 050 Pulser
Model 100 Pulser
Model 100 Detector
Model 100 Receiver
100MHz Auto Oscilloscope, Color Printer, Computer, Image Processon
Includes X-Y-Z Motion System for Precision Scanning

Diameter:0.110"/2.5mm Length:25" / 625mm, Depth of field: - in water or air 1" to infinity
Eyepiece: adjustable focus, Co-axial illumination fibers. Includes small foam-lined attache style case. compare to Titan K-Series (retail $2200) Our price =

4.2mm x 4.2mm aperture High Resolution image transmitting fiber bundles.
Reichert/Schott, 6' Length, flexible metal protective sheath (new, guar.) for robotics, biohazards, CCTV,etc.

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Wavelengths of Some Common Lasers

The table below lists the wavelengths of many common (mostly) gas and solid state lasers. For dye laser
wavelengths, see the section: Peak Emission Wavelengths of common Dye Laser Dyes. And for additional laser
diode information, see the section: Laser Diode Manufacturers, Part Numbers, and Specifications.

Some of the information in this table is from: Rockwell Laser International Laser Tutorials. The Chart of Laser
Types and Applications also lists some typical applications for each laser type.

   Laser Amplifier Medium              Wavelength (nm)
      Fluorine (F2, Excimer-UV)                                157
   Argon Fluoride (ArF, Excimer-UV)                         193
   Krypton Chloride (KrCl, Excimer-UV)                      222
   Krypton Fluoride (KrF, Excimer-UV)                       248
   Frequency Quadrupled Nd:YAG (UV)                         266
   Xenon Chloride (XeCl, Excimer-UV)                        308
   Xenon Fluoride (XeF, Excimer-UV)                         351
   Helium-Cadmium (HeCd, UV)                                325
   Nitrogen (N2, UV)                                        337
   Frequency Tripled Nd:YAG (NUV)                           355
   Calcium Vapor Ion (NUV)                                  374
   Gallium Nitride (GaN, violet/NUV)                        400
   Strontium Vapor Ion (violet)                             431
   Helium-Cadmium (HeCd, violet-blue)                       442
   Frequency Doubled Nd:YVO4 (blue)                         457
   Frequency Doubled Nd:YAG (blue)                          473
   Krypton Ion (Kr+, blue)                                  476
   Argon Ion (Ar+, green-blue)                              488
   Xenon (Xe, green-blue)                                   499
   Copper Vapor (Cu, green)                                 510
   Argon Ion (Ar+, green)                                   514
   Xenon (Xe, green)                                        526
   Krypton Ion (Kr+, green)                                 528
   Frequency Doubled Nd:YVO4 (green)                        532
   Frequency Doubled Nd:YAG (green)                         532
   Xenon (Xe, green)                                        541
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, green)                                543
   Helium-Mercury (HeHg, green)                             567
   Krypton Ion (Kr+, yellow-green)                          568
   Copper Vapor (Cu, yellow)                                578
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, yellow)                               594
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, orange)                               612
   Helium-Mercury (HeHg, red-orange)                        615
   Gold Vapor (Au, orange-red)                              627
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, ornage-red)                           633
   Krypton Ion (Kr+, red)                                   647
   Alexandrite (red-NIR)                                  655-815
   Gallium Aluminum Arsenide (GaAlAs, red-NIR)            670-830
   Chromium:Sapphire (Ruby, Cr:AlO3, red)                   694
   Cr:LiSAF (Cr:LiSrAlF6, NIR)                            780-920
   Gallium Arsenide (NIR)                                   840
   Titanium:Sapphire (NIR)                                840-1,100
   Neodymium:YVO4 (Nd:YV04, NIR)                            914
   Neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG, NIR)                              946
   Ytterbium:KGW (Yb:KGW, NIR)                          1,025-1,045
   Ytterbium:YAG (Yb:YAG, NIR)                             1,031   
   Neodymium:YLF (Nd:YLF, NIR)                             1,053   
   Chromium,Neodymium:GSGG (NIR)                           1,061
   Neodymium:LSB (Nd:LSB, NIR)                             1,062
   Neodymium,Chromium:LSB (Nd,Cr:LSB, NIR)                 1,062
   Neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG, NIR)                             1,064
   Neodymium:YVO4 (Nd:YV04, NIR)                           1,064
   Neodymium:KGW (Nd:KGW, NIR)                             1,067
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, NIR)                                 1,152
   Neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG, NIR)                             1,330
   Erbium:Glass (NIR)                                      1,540
   Thulium:YAG (Tm:YAG, MIR)                            2,008-2,018
   Chromium,Thulium:YAG (Cr,Tm:YAG, MIR)                   2,010
   Thulium:LuAG (Tm:LuAG, MIR)                          2,020-2,030
   Thulium,Holmium:YLF (Tm,Ho:YLF, MIR)                 2,047-2,059
   Holmium:YLF (Ho:YLF, MIR)                               2,060
   Chromium,Thulium,Holmium:YAG (Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG, MIR)        2,090
   Holmium:YAG (Ho:YAG, MIR)                               2,100
   Hydrogen Fluoride (HF, MIR)                             2,700
   Erbium:YAG (Er:YAG, MIR)                                2,940
   Helium-Neon (HeNe, MIR)                                 3,391
   Deuterium Fluoride (DF, MIR)                         3,600-4,200
   Carbon Dioxide (CO2, FIR)                               9,600
   Carbon Dioxide (CO2, FIR)                              10,600


1.NUV = Near-UV, NIR = Near-IR, MIR = Mid-IR, FIR = Far-IR.
2.Wavelengths have been rounded to the nearest nm.
3.Where a laser may operate at multiple discrete wavelengths, only the strongest ones may be listed.
4.KGW = Potassium Gandolinium Tungstate, KGd(WO4)2.
5.YAG = Yttrium Aluminum Garnet.
6.YLF = Yttrium Lithium Fluoride.

Skywise's Lasers and Optics Reference Section has a nice spectrum chart (visible and beyond) with annotation
showing many of the common laser lines as well as an even more extensive list of laser types and wavelengths.

Dye Laser Dyes and Peak Emission Wavelengths

Dye lasers can operate at a wide range of wavelengths spanning the visible spectrum and well into the IR to UV
depending on the particular dye used as the lasing medium. This is a list of some commercially available laser dyes
along with their Peak Emission Wavelength (PEW). Source: LambdaPhysik.

   PEW-nm  Dye Name     
    330   BM-Terphenyl         491   Coumarin 6H          775   NCI
    340   PTP                  500   Coumarin 307         780   Methyl-DOTCI
    350   TMQ                  501   Coumarin 50          795   Styryl 11
    357   BMQ                  504   Coumarin 314         800   Rhodamine 800
    359   DMQ                  510   Coumarin 51          840   Styryl 9
    360   Butyl-PBD            515   Coumarin 3           841   Styryl 9 (M)
    364   PBD                  521   Coumarin 334         863   IR 125
    365   TMI                  522   Coumarin 522         876   DTTCI
    369   QUI                  535   Coumarin 7           880   IR 144
    370   PPO                  536   Bril. Sulfaflavine   881   Styryl 15
    372   PPF                  537   Coumarin 6           885   DNTTCI
    374   PQP                  540   Coumarin 153         930   DDCI-4
    378   BBD                  552   Uranin               945   Styryl 14
    380   Polyphenyl 1         553   Fluorescein 27       950   IR 132
    381   Polyphenyl 2         555   Fluorol 7GA          994   Styryl 2D
    386   BiBuQ                570   Rhodamine 110       1060   IR 25
    390   Quinolon 390         575   Rhodamine 19
    393   TBS                  590   Rhodamine 6G
    395   alpha-NPO            590.1 Rhodamine 6G (Perchlorate)
    399   Furan 2              610   Rhodamine B
    400   PBBO                 610.1 Rhodamine B (Perchlorate)
    409   DPS                  620   Sulforhodamine B
    410   Stilbene 1           640   Rhodamine 101
    415   BBO                  650   DCM
    420   Stilbene 3           650.1 DCM-special
    422   Carbostyryl 7        660   Sulforhodamine 101
    423   POPOP                670   Cresyl Violet
    424   Coumarin 4           675   Phenoxazone 9
    425   Bis-MSB              690   Nile Blue
    430   BBOT                 695   Oxazine 4
    435   Carbostyryl 3        700   Rhodamine 700
    440   Coumarin 120         710   Pyridine 1
    450   Coumarin 2           721   Oxazine 170
    466   Coumarin 466         725   Oxazine 1
    470   Coumarin 47          727   Oxazine 750
    480   Coumarin 102         730   Pyridine 2
    481   Coumarin 152A        750   Styryl 6
    485   Coumarin 152         755   Styryl 8
    490   Coumarin 151         771   Pyridine 4