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Have Excess Equipment? Please let us know. We are always willing to purchase or trade for your excess equipment.

To Order: (domestic or international) Please contact us via email (anytime) or phone (between 8 and 5 pacific time or leave a message anytime and your call will be returned) using the contact information provided in the upper right hand corner of any of our web pages. (We are trying to cut down on spam email and do not link our email address and apologize for the inconvenience.)

Educational Institutions: Credit Cards(MC, VISA) and Formal Purchase Orders are accepted. We will "Hold" goods pending PO with a faxed memo on your department letterhead.
Corporations: PO's accepted from majors. We require prepayment with your first order to us. Credit terms may be requested after our first transaction. Credit Cards(MC, VISA), Bank Wire Transfers and Company Checks.
Individuals: may place an order via mail, e-mail, or fax. Prepayment will be required before item ships. Credit Cards(MC,VISA), Money Orders and Personal Checks*. *(Please allow 2 weeks for personal checks to clear.)

CAVEAT: "Subject To Prior Sale": Until payment is received, or until formal acceptance of your Purchase Order is given, all items are subject to prior sale.

Payment: If you haven't done business with us before, we do expect payment at the time of ordering, except for universities, or by prior agreement. This has been our policy for a 15 years.
Form of Payment: All forms including Credit Cards(MC, VISA) are accepted.

Credit Cards: If you want to e-mail the info it is ok with us. If you prefer a higher level of security (if anyone takes your card info, we wager it will be from the trash of a restaurant, not by hacking into a router, subrouting, sorting and reading through millions of e-mails with a $10K outfit), then please call or fax in the information. No American Express, sorry.

Shipping: Transport of goods is a sensitive and important issue. Many goods are shipped with no problem at all but if your purchase is fragile, we recommend air shipment and insurance.
Air Shipments: Using an entire container is the most economical for large shipments. and our conclusion is that the best deal is deferred freight with individual airlines through small brokers. Fed-Ex is generally excellent, but milking the money out of every opportunity. Airborne Is a much better deal for equal, or in our opinion better, service.

Of course, in spite of our opinions, we will obey your exact shipping instructions, however Risk transfers to you when the package leaves our dock. Please be insured.

In our experience, (and opinion only) DHL is unreliable, and for trucking, Yellow Freight has been a disaster and we avoid it.

Shipping checklist:

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