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Pulnix TMC-73M Single Chip Miniature Industrial
high quality NTSC camera
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Pulnix TMC-73M
Miniature 40x85mm Industrial Color Camera
768x494 pixels NTSC
Miniature 1/3" Single Chip Camera
NTSC = $329

Images of Pulnix TMC-73M Camera

Keywords for Pulnix: CM-mount, 1/3" Color Camera

Court Reporting
Scientific Imaging
Video Documentation
"First Person" Reporting
Make a Camera-On-a-Pole

PLeased to announce the availability of this excellent 1/3" Industrial camera:

Miniature 1/3" CS-Mount Color Camera
Pulnix TMC-73M
New in factory Box:
NTSC = $329

High-performance 1/3" IT CCD,

Resolution:     NTSC: 494 Vertical x 768 Horizontal = 379,392 pxels, (each 7.40x6.35micron) 
Lens Mount: CS S/N ratio: 50 db (8 bits) With ABC "off"
AGC: 32db Sensor: 1/3" format InterLine Transfer (4.8x3.6mm) Outputs: Composite Video 1.0V into 75 ohms, & Y/C, Shutter: 1/60 to 1/10,000 sec. Power Required: 12VDC / 190ma. Sensitivity: 5 lux required on scene with f/1.4 lens. Features: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Auto White Balance (AWB). White Balance: Selectable: Auto White Balance (AWC) or Manual. Warranty: 90 day repair, replace or refund - LMDC's option. Delivery: Ex Stock, Union City, CA New in factory packaging. Applications: ° INSPECTION: Printed circuit boards, MEMS, Wire Bonds, precision assemblies, engines and precision machinery. ° MACHINE VISION: Visual sensor for factory robots, etc. ° ISO-9000:  Store permanent high quality records for ISO-9000 qualification. ° MICROSCOPES & MICROSCOPY: Camera observation of micro organisms and bacteria. ° FORENSIC: Microscopy Recording physical investicatins for court. ° TEACHING: Operating room video instruction. ° SPORTS: Teaching, Adventure, Documentation, Analysis of Competition. ° MEDICAL: Endoscopes, Stereo Head-mount Vision, Teaching, Remote Diagnosis Special Applications ° SUPERVISION: Production machinery and factory robots. ° SECURITY: Where the best possible resolution is needed and accurate color information is of benefit. Mobile ° Racing, Skiing, Motorcycles, SkyDiving and Climbing. ° Teaching biology and other "outdoor" studies. ° Perfect for Helmet mount - Mono or Stereo vision. ° Lightweight only 12V/2AH battery pack needed for 10+ hours continuous use. ° STEREO VISION: GenLock capability allows precision timing for true binocular vision with two cameras simultaneously. ° Make your own Low Cost Camera on a pole http://www.polecam.com/mainframe.htm

We are pleased to supply this miniature 1/3" industrial grade camera.

SHIPPING WEIGHT = 2.2lbs. /1kg. We ship worldwide.

COMPETITIVE PRICE COMPARISON: This is a current Pulnix camera offered at $995. Compare:

LMDC price:
Plunix TMC-73M: NTSC = $ 329

LMDC 3101 Whipple Road, Union City, CA 94587, 510-429-1060, -1065,
E-MAIL (anti-spam):
[inquiry AT lasermotion DOT com], [sales AT lasermotion DOT com], [Purchasing AT lasermotion DOT com]
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