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Robotics & Automation
Commercial Robots, PLC Controllers, Automation Components


Panasonic Pana-Robo Arms
from PFA
(Panasonic Factory Automation). Photo & Illustrations of Typical Units (Photo) (Drawing). Circular Interpolating Controllers **, Screw-Driver Options, Gantry Configuration with horizontal X and Y and vertical Z.

**(Circular interpolation means that if you can draw a line in your CAD program, you can follow it precisely with these Panasonic robot cartesian arms, at speeds up to 8 ips, to 0.0008" repeatability and place parts, apply adhesive, or cut materials with a laser to a pattern drawn in your CAD system.)

Applications in Manufacturing, Prototyping and Science:
Laser Cutting, Router Cutting,
3D Machining,
Fine Pitch Pick and Place,
Robotic Assembly
Adhesive application,
Biotechnology automation cells at VERY LOW COST.

Fine Pitch Pick and Place and Robotic Assembly: Except for incorporating DCPM motors instead of brushless motors, and 2000 count rotary encoders instead of 8000 count encoders, what we are offering are almost the same arms as in Panasonic fine pitch Surface Mount (SMD) pick and place electronics assembly machines which sell for $250K, and up. Please note that without modification, but with appropriate mounting, these arms are suitable for building pick and place machines with repeatability of up to 0.001 inch.

Controllers to Choose and Use: One advantage of these arms is that they incorporate classical motor-encoder servo systems and consequently, may easily be connected to a number of commercial controllers, including:
Adept: This is the up-and-coming, though expensive, controller for manufacturing sites. It smoothly integrates motion, vision and tactile accessories within a large operating system called V+. Entry price is about $20K.
Delta-Tau: If you are the all-around smart engineer and want to do your own applications, you can get into a four axis version of this controller for about $2500 , a PC, amplifiers and wiring. These controllers are available in 8 axis versions and are versatile, including embedded PLCC.
Panasonic controllers include extremely robust amplifiers which may be used with external controllers if desired. The command set is simple, easy to master, and the hardware is reliable like nothing else.
Fanuc: Rock solid products and support also starting at about $40K. Watch the turf fight unfold between Delta Tau and Fanuc ! Delta Tau sells many cards into Japan.

Programming: Although the Panasonic programming language for PanaDac Controllers is a "Basic like" language, and easily learned, we can refer you to engineers in New York and California who will support your programming effort if you feel it is required.

Reliability: PanaRobo reliability is un-matched. Incorporating one of the most tested mechanical designs available, these arms feature, for example, ball screws which practically never wear out. Some machines sold by Panasonic have been in use for 3 shifts on a continuous basis for 10 years without a ball screw replacement.

Condition: These Panasonic Cartesian Robots are in Quite excellent condition - used exclusively in a clean room environment. Manufactured between 1986 and 1994, all have been attentively serviced and will provide decades of use.

Axis Descriptions:
X-Y Axes
: Motors: = 200W, Acceleration: 0.37G, Velocity to: 1100mm/s, and Travels of: 600mm x 500mm , 300mm x 400mm, and 200mm x 300mm
Z Axis : Motor: 80W, Acceleration: 0.33G, Velocity: 550mm/s, and Travel: 100mm
W Axis (Rotation): +/- 180 degrees, Velocity: 495 degrees/s. ,

Screwdriver Option:
PanaDac Brushless Screwdriver
Subsystem, includes:
"Clean Room" (Class 100) Construction:
Panasonic 100 mm Z- Feed Axis
Panasonic Screwdriver Module
Panasonic Screwdriver Control Module
Fourth Controller Axis connected to screwdriver.

Panasonic Controllers: (2, 3, & 4 Axis) :

PanaDac 361A NM-1375A (Ver3.0) (Controller System 361A Drawing)
Up to 4 Axis with Coordinated Motion., "Multi Tasking" Option Board, and I/O Option Board with up to 64 Logic Inputs, and up to 32 Logic Outputs. PanaDac 261 (Point-to-Point), 2 axis point to point with logic controller Options a) PanaDac DC Torque Motor Pneumatic Screw Fastening Controller b) PanaDac Brushless Torque Motor Pneumatic Screw Fastening Controller
Basic Configurations: 1) 200 x 300 x 100 mm arm with PanaDac Control 2) 300 x 400 x 100 mm arm with PanaDac Control 3) 600 x 600 mm arm with PanaDac Control on workstand OPTIONS: DC screwdriver option with PanaDac Control Brushless screwdriver option with PanaDac Control
Adept / NSK Motion Controller/Driver - with motor power drivers. Adept Technologies / NSK M-EXC31A311A01AD Controller/Driver NSK EXC model M-EXC31A311A01AD, Adept model 90400-81011 for Adept Robot Modules Cartesian System, 3 Axis (+1) and NSK translators and motors Brushless Controller/Driver Model M-EXC31A311A01AD Adept Manual EXC Controller Driver with 4 Axis Coordinated Motion Stand-Alone Package 3 Motor Drivers + 1 Axis "Pulse Output" for external Motor Drive Internal Motor Drives: 300W, 125W, 125W (yes, the markings on the case are "100W) for NSK Brushless DC Motors 200/220VAC, Memory Card Included, Unused in original packaging, Manuals Included: V1 Product Description and installation 1998 Sept. 10 170p V2 Programming and Operation 1998 Sept. 10 129p V3 Maintenance 1998 Sept. 10 88p Price = $2550/ea. New in Factory Box.
Adept Model 740
ULTRA ONE 26" x 26" x 8" "ULTRA-ONE" ultra-precision 4 axis Cartesian Robot VOLUME = 26" x 26" x 8" (661mm x 661mm x 203mm) (Photo Full View, rear) ACCURACY,Vol = +/- 0.000 150" (4 x4x4 microns) ACCURACY, PLANAR: +/- 0.000 100" (2.5 x2.5 microns) ACCURACY, EACH AXIS: +/- 0.000 075" ( 2 microns) REPEATABILITY, AXIS: +/- 0.000 040" ( 1 micron) RESOLUTION, AXIS +/- 0.000 024" (0.6 micron) CERAMIC AIR BEARING SLIDES (4-6 cfm at 90-110 psi) ON GRANITE PLATFORM (Photo, close rear) Ø ROTARY MOTION, RANGE: +/- 270 degrees Ø ROTARY ACCURACY: +/- 0.002 degrees Z- AXIS PAYLOAD: 13.2 lbs / 5kg Z- AXIS DOWN FORCE: 22.2 lbs /10kg

Controller: Adept Model 316 (similar to: 315) (Photo Full View) (If, perchance, your needs are for a completely modern controller - we suggest giving the Delta-Tau PMAC a try. The difficulty in installing a new controller is not that great)

53" x 53" x 80" tall Weight: 2800 lbs.
For the purposes of idle conversation, the original installed cost was $532,000 (including integration charges), set up for ultra fine pitch pick and place. (Photo, front) As a component, anout $250k, but from us: $50K
Condition: As Removed from clean room environment where it was operating.

Megamation 24" x 36" travel air-bearing slider
"MegaOne" Robot Dual Head Air Bearing - System. This is a linear X-Y Step - Motor System with "thrilling" performance.

This system includes vision CCD cameras, and was used for precision placing of large package, fine lead surface-mount components. The Motors are just like Nor-Mag linear X-Y Dual Axis Linear Stepper Motors. (view at) http://normag.com/products.html

24"x 24"Anorad Air Bearing, Linear Motor, Gantry System
Payload capability = 60 lb.
(B&W photo)
Manufactured by Anorad, and integrated with a very rigid frame.
SLIDES Precision lapped air bearing ways.
STAGE BASE: Anocast highly rigid system.
ENCODERS: Precision Heidenhain Reflective Metal Tape, 2 µm positioning resolution
LINEAR BRUSHLESS MOTORS = Pacific Scientific Brushless DC Linear Motor/Driver sets
Velocity = 10 ips. Acceleration = 0.25G
Overall height is 60", working surface approx. 45" from floor
Extremely Rigid 1/4" wall welded steel rectangular tubing frame with triangular braced geometry.
Ano- Cast Base on Ultra-Rigid frame

This is a superb system for very precise motion. Does not include a controller. We recommend newer Anorad controllers, such as the ANO-III, or something along the lines of the Delta Tau PMAC.

NSK 15"x 22" Cartesian X-Z System (in vertical plane)

Automatix Model AID-600 Large Cartesian System:
50"x 24"x 12"x 360 degrees for heavy payloads


Kensington Model KL 4000 Wafer Handler Robot:
This is a smooth, elegant robot effector for clean-room (class 10) handling of :
* Wafers, LCD's, Reticles, Masks, Disks and similar objects
* - in a cylindrical workspace.

We have two units to sell: One with virtually zero hours, and one with very moderate use in an unsuccessful prototype system. (These wafer handling systems sell new for approximately $27K, including the controller) Controller: Kensington Model 4000 multi-axis controller. Commands via HPIB or RS232. (detailed line drawing) (photo of the robot) Our price, as always, will be MUCH less. Used, Guaranteed

Genmark Automation Model GB4P Wafer Robot:
The most popular robot for clean-room (class 10) handling of Wafers up to 8", LCD's, Reticles, Masks, Disks and similar objects in a cylindrical workspace.
Each system includes:

1) Integrated Prealigner Option,
2) Z travel = 7.0" (standard),
3) Reach = 10.5" (standard 2-link 5.25"-5.25" arm)**,
4) Controller, Cables and Wafer Finger end effector.***

**Note: Upgrade to 21" reach with 4-8-4 links + 7"End Effector ($2500)
*** Note: For 100% Hi-Temp Na-free Ceramic End Effectors, see:

Five Unused units to stock. All in original factory packaging. (These wafer handling systems sell new for approximately $39K, including the controller) Commands via HPIB or RS232. (Genmark's Web Page: http://www.genmarkautomation.com/gb4p.html)
Our price, as always, is less. UNUSED $12,500


SRX-611 Fast Cycle, Accurate, High Speed SCARA Robot
Precision Harmonic drives with High Performance AC Servo Motors
15 Available - Call for pricing$$$

Model One SCARA "MV" style Arm
Model 841,
works with VME controller low hours, excellent condition
Arm only - controller not included - use for replacements
Last we heard, Adept charges $15K to rebilld your arm. You can have this used unit for $5000

"FAROT" Workcell with a SCARA Arm Low Cost

A510 SCARA arm with RJ Controller (view open cabinet) , Teach Pendant, and cables, used.

Model 8437C Arm with SC3000 Controller
(pendant) (arm links) (arm interface on base)
550mm radius x 500mm Z-travel
Cleanroom SCARA Arm and Controller
Drive Motors, VERY long life,
Payload = 10Kg,
Repeatability Specification = +/-30 micron .
Installed base of about 5000 units,
according to Sankyo Service in USA.
Specific History: these units were in a facility which never really got off the ground. The manufacturer suggests that these have lots of 24/7 working time remaining.
Our price: including Stand, workcell, controller, is $4950/ea.
Guaranteed Complete and Functional.

* Configured For Cleanroom (Class100/10 particle count) service.
* Have 500 mm Z-axis travel.
* Used in extremely light disk transfer service.
* Long service life.

Mechanical Schematic: http://www.sankyo.com/robots/scara/sr8437chartbig.html
Photo: http://www.sankyo.com/robots/scara/sr8437big.html
Specifications: http://www.sankyo.com/robots/scara/sr8437.html
Degrees of Freedom = Four: T1, T2, Z, Roll
Working Range:
= 117 deg,
T2 = 135 deg,
Z = 250 mm,
Roll = 360 deg
Maximum Speeds: T1+T2 = 5200 mm/sec, Z = 610 mm/sec, Roll = 510 deg/sec
Maximum Payload = 10 kg (with reduced accelerations)
Maximum Rotating Torque: = 6 nm
Repeatability: X-Y = +0.03 mm, Z = +0.02 mm, Roll = +0.02 deg
End of Arm Interface: 15-wire electrical interface + 3 pneumatic tubes + camera-mount
Weight = 90 kg
Price from LMDC = $4950

Sankyo Robotics  USA Headquarters:  1001-D Broken Sound Parkway NW  
Boca Raton, FL 33487    561-998-9775   561-998-9778 Fax  info@sankyo.com
Seiko/Epson SSR-H703N-MZ "Accusembler" SCARA robot with Controller, SRC-42-M/F Control Panel and "Accusembler" controllers (1), (2), as a set, including cables. Includes Manuals and delivery in lower 48. Manuals: "Maintenance", and "Basic User's Manual"

These are the small, modern, "desktop size" scara precision robots.

Applications: Biotech, Manufacturing, Assembly, Automated Chemistry, and so on ....
Controllers are the modern SRC series. (current version is the SRC-320)
Manufactured '91, moderate hours, About 8000 in service, by estimate.
Condition - Excellent, used only in cleanrooms.
(Generally, these will go 30K hours between rebuilds)


Staubli 6 Axis RX130B Systems with the following configuration:

Controller: Rack mount version
Pendant: Included
Cable: 5m
Serial Numbers: S/N F01/5J41A1/A/01, S/N F01/5J41A1/A/03
Options: None, Cost: $74,000 (2001)
Hours - NEW UNIT!
Your Cost = $39,000

K3CR Cleanroom
3kg CleanRoom Articulated robot, nearly unused, in crate, only 200 hours on system - absolutely like new
Excellent opportunity to purchase a Near-Zero Hours Motoman K3 Still in the manufacturer's crate, includes the Yasnac Controller and cables.


Model 660
(view2) (same arm as PUMA 760) 10kg load
EXPERIMENTER's SPECIAL Robot in Workcell $1995

1) Kawasaki 660 Arm - DC servomotors - Easy to rebuild mechanics - Long service life.
2) Kawasaki 660 Controller, including panel, six axis servo amplifiers and power supplies.
3) Workcell

Does NOT INCLUDE: Cables (Easy to assemble - use "MS" connectors), Manuals, Teach Pendant, End Effector (naturally) or Software.
HISTORY: Manufactured 1990 and later, These Kawasaki / Puma units were functioning as disk (the platters in your computer disk drives - very light load) handlers from cassettes to texture spindles and back. When the plant shut, these became available. Tmers show high hours, but each arm was rebuilt during its work history and is believed to be "functional", although we will not test or otherwise guarantee. We are told that these are easy and reasonable to maintain with far less work or tooling than for an Adept.
PRICE: All for only $1995/set while supplies last.


QuickStop model QS-100NP-MP
(6 available)
The Quick Stop series of breakaway connectors is regarded by some as the standard of excellence, featuring mechanical, electrical and pheumatic disconnect on impact or over-force.

Mitsubuishi PLC Controller, shown in images (1), (2).
We offer 10 of these popular mitsubishi units.
They are removed from clean equipment which we purchased from a "Strongly Downsizing" company which could no longer affort its commitment to an automated process. We are especially happy to include as a great deal of the cabling, wiring harnesses and connectors. This can save hours of scrounging, ordering and many $ when you connect your systyem. Considered by users as Rock Solid !

Ax42, Ax42, Ax42, Ax42, Ax41
Ay42, Ay13, Ay13
Ay13, Ay13
AD62DA, AD71, AD62DA, AD71

CTC (Control Technology Corporation)
Series 2600 Control System
(Quantity 30) Widely used by technology companies, wineries, machinery makers, and many others for small tasks, dedicated machines and process control. These units are complete, and guaranteed 100%. for 4-Axis Stepper Motor Automated Systems.

Model        Description                   Price
2600XM   5 Slot Chassis                $1293 
2203      32 line I/O             275 x3=$  550 (each model 600 includes one)
2206        2 Axis Stepper   785x2= $1570
                       (Total Factory Cost = $3413)        Our Price for You = $ 395

Automation Accessories & Components

Low Cost Joystick (Photo) $3.95 /ea., 10 /$25, 50 /$99, 500/$875
1.75" Control Arm with Satin Finish Aluminum handle,
* 90 degree angular motion in all directions,
* Dual 100k ohm linear pots with infinite resolution,
* Steel Frame For PC mount, or can be adapted to Chassis mount.

Safety Light Screens:
1) 12" STI "Mini - Safe" MS4312: (drawing) $295 per set (photo)
Transmitter, Receiver and Controller Included in set 2 inch perimeter height. 0.51 inch vertical beam spacing 30 foot Total Perimeter Distance, Powered from 117 VAC
2) 30" SUNIX Model SA40-20T Set Includes transmitter and receiver units = $295

Universal Solid State Relay Model MP240D2,
2 Amp 240VAC, 3VDC Input, $4.95 ea.



2 RSR9K   MUU  + 660LM  NEW 
Miniature LM 9mm wide guide, with two 31mm long blocks, stainless guide, 
seals on each end of block. Travel is 600mm with two blocks. 

2 RSR12WZ MUU  + 170LM  NEW 
Miniature LM "W" 28mm wide guide, wide series, with two 45mm long blocks,  
stainless guide, seals on each end of block. Travel is 90mm with two blocks 
or 135mm with one block.  

2 SHS25C2 SSFM +1000LM  NEW  $399/ea
SHS is a new series of LM gide with improved charcteristics:  
Travel life = 80,000km, tool steel 25mm guide coated with "Raydent", 
a proprietary coating similar in properties to hard chrome and rated for 
resistance to splashed salt water.

35 mm dual 84 inch long LM rail mounted on precision ground 1.5" aluminum plate.
In excellent condition, and suitable for building that 6ft. table you need.
Includes two blocks per rail.

IKO CRWU60-180R Precision Pre loaded Crossed Roller Slides in factory box $295/ea

Precision Pre loaded Crossed Roller Slide (mounted on steel base) . . . . $295
Melles Griot Nanomover

Other Motor-Mikes

Melles Griot 4 inch Slide

Typical small Crossed Roller Slide

Oriel Step Mike System (close-up)

Permanent Magnet Voice Coil 3" LINEAR MOTOR $ 299
3" stroke, 1.4 lb/amp, 20A, peak. Overall size 5"x5"x11", 14lbs. Used, guaranteed.
Power Vibration Exciter, (haul out that old super audio amp)
Seismographic sensor (with transimpedence, or current feedback, op-amp one can detect movements smaller than the width of an atom) Or, as a
Fast-response positioner, with a power amp and feedback.

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