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Have Excess Equipment? Please let us know. We are always willing to purchase or trade for your excess equipment.

Many customers ask us where our inventory comes from:
The answer is highly varied depending on the item(s). It also has a lot to do with relationships built up over years of doing business. It is actually a very difficult question to answer because it would be so complicated to state accurately, except in very general terms. We do buy from the US government, from a few auction houses and from many manufacturers in the semiconductor, optics and R&D community, but most is from businesses we both buy from and sell to, and almost every transaction is different because it is motivated by unique influences. Reasons to do business cover the ground from raging growth to bankruptcy.

If your company or group has inventory or materiel categorized as;

"Write-Off" or

Please get in touch with us. (See upper right hand section of any LMDC web page for contact info.)
Simply mail, fax, or email a description of what you are selling. If it is a facility, a storeroom or an entire plant, and you do not wish to construct an inventory, we will travel to your location and take a look and make an offer, however we may want to discuss your situation and thoroughly understand it before we commit resources. In all other cases, present what you want to sell, including samples, and we will respond as fast as we can.

Raw Material:
Magnets, metals, quartz, glass, ceramics, sputter targets, silicon, and many others.
Components: Biotech, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, and Vacuum.
Work In Progress - "WIP": when you are discontinuing a product or facility.
Finished Goods of all kinds: We will actively protect your associated intellectual property if requested
R&D equipment, Systems, Manufacturing tools: used or new, Microscopes, Lasers, Optics, Robotics, Vacuum Coating systems, Biotech fermentors, autoclaves, and assay tools.

Some Keywords include: photometer, scanners, HPLC. Gas, Liquid, chromatographs. spectrum, analyzer, yag, CO2, vanadate, q-switch, erbuum, scanner, zerodur, fused silica, quartz, crucible, compressor, stage, XY, X-Y, XYZ, CAD, Servo, Coordinated, Amplifier, sensor, detector, IC, Capacitor, motor, stepper, microscope, objective, cartesian, polar, cryo, gage, pressure, vacuum, ultrasonic, probe, megasonic, Integrated circuits, IC.

Items not reperesented in out catalogue in which we have an interest include
Electronic test equipment,
IR microscopes,
- and much more in the technical realm.

What quantity will we discuss ? Any!!

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