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Servo Components Page


Galil http://www.galilmc.com/dmc1000s.html

DMC-1040 Four Axis Controller Board
(factory cost = $2195/ea.) (10 available, unused) $595

DMC-1540 Four Axis Stand-Alone Controller
(factory cost = $2995/ea.) (quantity, used) $995
PDF format detailed spec sheet, View of Board, View of Connectors, Rear View.
This is a Coordinated motion servo controller with self-contained power supply (100-240vac)
Although not the manufacturer of the highest performance controller - this may be Delta Tau's forte' - Galil is a much more pleasing company to work with. -- Low software prices, no alpine learning curves, ready support for users, internet bulletin boards, and only $150 to return a board for repair.
° Contouring, linear and circular interpolation, elec-tronic gearing and ecam, includes ellipse scaling, slow-down around corners, infinite segment feed, feedrate override programs, variables and arrays
° Dual-loop control and backlash compensation
° Servo loop update rates as low as 125 microsecond/axis
° Encoder frequencies up to 8 MHz; Step motors up to 2 MHz
° Software PID control with velocity and acceleration feedforward, offsets and integration limits
° Motion Smoothing to eliminate jerk
° Non-volatile memory for parameter storage
° Programmable event triggers including At Time, At Position, At Input, At Speed
° Automatic program execution upon power-up for stand-alone version
° Intuitive, English-like command language with over 200 commands directly executable by controller
° Multitasking for simultaneous exe-cution of up to four applications programs
° Extensive DLLs and documentation for C/C++ programmers
° Stand-alone box with RS232/RS422
° Controls step motors and servo motors on any combination of axes

DMC-1540 Four Axis Stand-Alone Controller with four 12A 80V Galil MSA-12-80 Brush type amps mounted on same chassis with custom interconnect board. Requires DC power supply for motor power - (Image ) $1695
Delta-Tau Controllers and Accessories

1) PMAC-PC LITE 4-Axis 20MHz Controller for PC.
2) PMAC-PC 8-Axis 20MHz Controller for PC.

3) Dover / Delta-Tau model 2008 up to 8-Axis DSP Motion Controller Package with Delta-Tau PMAC controller, all supplies. $ call

4) Dover / Delta-Tau model 2100
up to 8-Axis DSP Motion Controller Package with Delta-Tau PMAC controller, all supplies. $ call

Weidmuller RI-60A 60 pin adapt. - Flat Cable to Screw Terminals
ACC 8D to PMAC 60 pin adapt. - Flat Cable to Screw Terminals
ACC 8D-Opto Encoder Input
ACC 28A Micro A/D converter

PMAC-PC ACC14-D I/O Interface

MEI, Motion Engineering, Inc.
MEI V6U/DSP 8 Axis DSP with
optional OPTO-VME I/O daughter board.
based high performance
motion controller including optional OPTO-VME I/O board.
Advanced features
include C-programming Libraries, electronic gearing and camming, dual-loop control, circular and linear interpolation, and trapezoidal, S-curve, parabolic, and custom motion profiles. The PCX/DSP allows motion control programs to share execution between the on-board DSP (for numerically-intensive real-time functions) and the host (for non-real-time functions). This results in an ideal division of labor with minimal host intervention. Factory cost = $3600
New, Unused in original Factory Boxes
(Image OEM's - 20 available) $795/ea.

A note regarding the company:
First, the good news: Beautifully manufactured products, consistent design philosophy, and solid engineering of truly high performance controllers which can compete against most other offerings.
° Now the bad: In our interaction with them, I can truly say we have come up against a truly "Bitchy" company. Rude, non supportive and archly and imperiously dismissive of all but large OEM users. This is my personal opinion resulting from interacting with personell at trade shows and atttempting to relate on the phone, mind you, but unless you are an a self-sufficient programmer, don't bother with MEI.
° IF you are already using MEI board products, then these are for you, and please enjoy the savings. If you have a solid knowledge base of both software and motion kinetics, these are for you. If you can get a positive response from the company, then it makes sense to purchase these boards. Otherwise, it is best to let MEI wheel around in its own self-importance and ignore them as a viable source of motion control for development or use
° If you are a small, starting up OEM, we can offer several low cost alternatives of extremely high performance DSP based systems not listed on this web site. You will not be disappointed. Call us.

for Motors, Spindles & Slides

Galil 12A 80V DC Servo Amplifier MSA-12-80, used, $179/ea
Miniature servo amplifier for brush-type servo motors. Accepts a +/- 10V range input signal directly from Galil motion controllers, or it can be configured as a stand-alone drive. (Image)
° 20-80VDC Unregulated DC power 20V minimum to 80V maximum
° Peak current: 25 amps, 2 sec. Maximum
° Continuous current: 12 amps, internally limited
° Minimum load inductance: 250 uH
° Power dissipation a max. continuous current: 15W
° Over-voltage shut-down: 90V Heatsink temperature range: -25 to 65 degrees C; shuts off if above 65 degrees C
° Current loop bandwidth: 2.5 KHz typical
° Switching frequency: 22KHz, 97% efficiency
° Dimensions: 5.09" x2.98" x .94" Weight: 10 ounces

Glentek Model SMA8315-1A New $460/ea
20A 2ø/3ø Current Mode AC Standalone Servo Amplifier

MFM Model BDC 0610 This as an amplifier with an interesting history. Thousands of these amps found their way into precision instruments costing $100,000+ and requiring the minimum in EMI and the maximum in smoothness. Practical as always, the MFM company (now a part of Bayside Motion) also gave the user the option of a full digital output. Nonetheless, the grea majority of these drives were used for spindles from 0 - 30kRPM, especially ultra-smooth ABEC7 and Air Spindles for diamond turning, optics and disk research. Shown in the image are the BNC inputs for external frequency synchronizing signal. Bi-Directional. Accepts motor encoder signals. Generally the max RPM is limited by EMF rather than frequency considerations. Reliable drive.
Featuring Sine Wave Output Amplifiers for ultimate smoothness, 2.5A cont., 6 A peak, 80V p-p per phase, 1/3 HP, 17"x 6"x 6.5", 19 lbs. Manual Included USED/guaranteed = $479

2) MFM Model BDC 0610
with RS-232 Input, Manual Included USED/guaranteed = $595

3) Motion Control Systems MCS LA2000, Model 62
"Combining a smaller package with the features of the popular model 61, the model 62 represents a significant advantage to OEMs concerned about cabinet space. All connectors on the model 62 are mounted on one face in order to minimize the space needed for cables. Along with RS232 control, the model 62 also has an analog torque mode and TTL inputs for enable, direction and external frequency." MCS LA2000, Model 62 UNUSED = $775
(new cost = $2900)

(Same encoder elements as K-1 Encoder)
Original Images: Side View, Mounting Flange, Canon's label, Connector

Canon KP-1 Motor-Encoder Web Page - specs
Motor Stroke: +/-30deg
Encoder Resolution: 0.019urad , or 1.2nm(at R=2.4") [ with Canon's proprietary controller card, however other viable alternativces include Delta Tau, Micro-E, and many others. Anorad Heidenhain interpolators can be interfaced easily to interpolate Sin/Cos encoder outputs and provide resolution, typically, 256x - 16Kx.]

For Reference: Canon K-1 Encoder Web Page - specs
Resolution (with 256x interpolation) = 1/16 arcsec.
Cycles/Rev = 81,000/rev = 225/degree = 3.75/minute
Max. frequency response: 500kHz (360 rpm)
Sine Output = 1Vp-p
Cosine Output =
Index Out =
These unique motor-encoders - $999/each.
(Check Canon Prices - $9000+, with controller)
----------------- Further details -----------------------------
Canon Laser Encoder Motor including:
1) the Standard Of The Industry Canon 81000 cycle encoder
2) mounted on the shaft of a +/-30 degree moving coil motor.

The Results of combining these parts in this assembly at the factory are:
1) VERY high stiffness coupling the motor coil and the encoder,
2) VERY small deviation from linearity and centricity (Hey ! - lets call it "low wow and flutter"),
3) Factory centered encoder wheel
4) Strong, stiff bearing set to support the shaft,
5) an assembly which can be used as a mechanically rugged external encoder only, if you desire
6) precision stainless steel flange servo mount
Interface cables: Length = 18"
Motor: HIOS 4 pin connector
Encoder: HIOS 10 pin connector
Shielded cable assemblies
Encoder Electrical Interface:

INDEX 1 pulse/revolution Open Collector to +5v
SIN = 81000 cycles/revolution 1vpp
COS = 81000 cycles/revolution 1vpp
Resolution: Specification = 81000 Sin/Cos Cycles/Rev
With simple comparators, you can derive 324,000 zero-crossings per rev, plus an additional 324,000 Absolute Value sin-cos crossings per rev, for a total of 648,000 equally spaced edges per rev.(648,000/360 = 1800 edges/degree = 30 edges/min = 0.5 edges/sec)
Factory Stated Resolution specification with interpolator = 1.6nm at R=56mm (same as 2.86mm at 1km).
This spec implies [pi x 56= 176mm]/1.6nm = 110 million edges/rev at the system level. Each edge = 1.6nm/56mm = 2.86x10-8 radian/edge = 0.012 sec/edge, or 82 edges/arcsec, or an interpolation ratio of about 600:1 per cycle in the system electronics.

External Connector = HiRose 10 pin HR10A
Internal Connector = 8 pin DIL header socket + Cable Shield to case and connector shell

                   DIL header socket

                6 [ Blu ]  [ Red ] 3 Co-Ax 
                7 [ Brn ]  [ Wht ] 1 Co-Ax 
Internal Shield 5 [ Blk ]  [ Vio ] 10
                8 [ Yel ]  [ Org ] 9

          HiRose HR10 series Connector

                  1[wht]  8[yel] 

             2[NC]            7[brn]

                  9[org] 10[vio]

             3[red]           6[blu]

                  4[NC]   5[blk]

Itek-BEI 17Bit ABSOLUTE ROTARY ENCODER Model 17106S $1995
Resolution = 10 arc-sec (128K counts over 1,296,000 sec/circle),
Center hole = 6", Diameter = 10", Height = 4"
Dual sensors for mission-critical apps.
These unique encoders - $1995/each.
Low Cost - $12.50
Miniature Sin/Cos Encoder for high resolution
Sharp GP-IR14 Rotary Encoder,
192 Cycle,768 Quadrature Count (photo)

° SIN-(192 cycles/rev.) = 1 Vpp,
° COS- (192 cycles/rev.) = 1 Vpp,
° Index- (1/ pulse/rev. ) = TTL pulse
= 768 zero crossings, - with 20X interpolation - to 3,480 counts/rev.
Power: +/- 12VDC
Shaft: 4mm shaft, may be drilled out to 7 mm.
10,000 available from stock.
PRICES: $12.50/ea. 1000's in stock - Design this one in!

Please note:
192 cycles Sin/Cos = 768 zero crossings in quadrature.
Note - current interpolator circuits multiply resolutions from 5X zero crossings (3840 counts) to 256X (196,608counts). These resolutions related to a 5 pitch ballscrew translate to resolutions measured in millionths of an inch.
Teledyne-Gurley 8335-9000-CBPA (photo) 9000 cycle (36000 quadrature zero crosssings) Buffered Sin / Cos outputs for easy interpolation. Accuracy of 22 arc-sec, resolution down to 9000x512 =4,591,800 parts using currently available Anorad interpolators. This is, of course, less than one arc-second resolution. 3.5" diameter, 1.5" thick, 0.250" shaft $995.
DRC Dynamics Research Corporation Model LB4B-0320
320 mm 5µ Incremental Optical Linear Encoder used,
guaranteed $99/ea

(Image) These are removed from equipment subject to a "design change" and are used working units. Part of the design change related to the flex cable which has been modified to be 6" in length with a connector for attaching your own flex cable.
° Resolution = 5 microns / 0.0002"
° Velocity = 350mm/esc. max.
° Travel = 320mm / 12.59"
° Solid state LED lamps - 100,000 hour life.
° Self-Aligning Read Head constrained within track by 5 miniature ball bearing rollers.
° Outputs = A quad B TTL levels
° Power = 5VDC/200ma
° Enclosed, Sealed
° Documents: Electrical PDF, Mechanical PDF

Heidenhain EXE 605 Interpolator, Multiplies Heidenhain scale analogue sin / cos outputs by 5X, and converts outputs to "A Quad B" TTL signals (e.g: 0.5 micron resolution with a 100 lpmm scale) - $ 240

Canon, Model L-108/50
Laser Linear Encoders
with nanometer resolution:

LASER LIFETIME:200,000 hours expected life@30degC ambient.
RESOLUTION: A Quad B from Head: 0.2 micron, 
     may be interpolated to less than 10 nanometers (0.01 micron.)
QUARTZ SCALE ACCURACY:  Total error over 50mm < 0.2 microns. 
QUARTZ SCALE TEMP.COEF: +0.52ppm/deg.C, or 26 nm/deg.C/50mm. 
POWER REQUIRED: +5VDC @ 280ma,  -5VDC @ 60ma
OUTPUTS: A & B Phases: 1.0V p-p sine (0.8 micron spatial period).
         INDEX pulse(scale center) 300ns TTL pulse.
         ALARM: Low beam intensity  (when scale is absent or mal-adjusted).
PRICES: 1) L-108/50 HEAD,SCALE & DOCS $1195
        2) L-108 HEAD ONLY            $ 690
        3) 50mm SCALE ONLY            $ 950

NIKON 800mm /1.0 micron TTL Linear Glass Encoders. Nikon says traceable to NIST + NIKON MC-102 Readout unit (for these encoders)
High Performance OptoIsolators:
Special Offer: $ 25 / 16pcs. Technical: (Photo1), (Photo2) 10 µsec response time + delay, TTL output signal with Hysteresis, up to 50KV isolation, U-shaped with mounting flange, as illustrated. 0.20" between legs of "U" between emitter and sensor, 0.21" clearance from bottom of "U" to bottom of beam, Beam size: 0.070" x 0.020".

Transmitter side emitter is an LED requiring 5-20ma of excitation current. (For synchronous signal applications, pulse this input) The receiver side sensor has built-in hysteresis, provides a TTL output. With three leads: 1)+5, 2) Output, 3) ground, (and consumes less than 5ma ).

Applications: You will find these useful everywhere in the lab as high voltage isolation, floating interfaces, and yes, as mechanical motion limit sensors. One suggestion for step motor systems: Let the opto double as the opto-isolator for the step pulses in a "step-up", "step-down" configuration: When the beam is interrupted, step signals (in that travel direction) will be interrupted, therefore stopping the motion (in that direction).

Lead 1  RECEIVER +5 VDC    Brown 
Lead 2  RECEIVER Ground    Red
Lead 3  RECEIVER TTL Out.  Orange
Lead 4  IR LED   -Return   Yellow
Lead 5  IR LED   +5/20mA   Green

PRICE = $25/15pcs

- Call for listing


NEMA 23:

1) MCG 2281 Servo Motor/Encoder/Brake
(for the "Z-axis blues") NEW $199
3.75/11.25 in-lb, 4/12A, 0-175V, 6000rpm,
1000 count encoder, (label)
Shaft = 1.5" x 0.500" w. keyway.

2) MCG 2282 Servo Motor/Encoder NEW $290
7.50/22.5 in-lb, 4/12A, 0-325V, 6000rpm,
1000 count encoder,
Shaft = 1.5" x 0.500".

3) MCG 2282 Servo Motor/Encoder NEW $290
7.50/22.5 in-lb, 4/12A, 0-325V, 6000rpm,
1000 count encoder, (label)
Shaft = 1.5" x 0.375".

4) Yaskawa SGMP-01U314M Servo Motor/Encoder NEW
100w, 0.318NM, 0.89A/200V, 3000rpm $190 (45)
This is an extremely powerful motor in a very small case size


1) Yaskawa SGMGH-75ACA61 Servo Motor/Encoder
7500w, 48NM, 57.4A/200V, 1500rpm $1700 (1)
OPTIONAL: Reducing Gearbox -
7:1, cont2884/pk7151 in-lbs, 214 rpm. $975

2) Yaskawa SGMG-20A2AB Servo Motor/Encoder NEW
1800w, 11.5NM, 16.7A/200V, 1500rpm $1100 (4)

3) Yaskawa SGMG-13A2AB Servo Motor/Encoder NEW
1300w, 8.34NM, 10.7A/200V, 1500rpm $770 (1)


1) DC PM "0-15V" motor: For education, "throw-away" applications and the truly cheap at heart, this relatively low speed permanent magnet motor was designed for use at constant speed in disk drives and is, therefore, not completely unreliable. Bronze bushing at the output end of the shaft. Buy 5 for $7.50.

2) 12 VDC Motor-Tach:
Also from the Disk Drive Industry, this 0-2000 rpm motor combines a DC PM Motor on the same shaft as an interesting tachometer. The tach output is a sine wave voltage with 16 cycles per shaft rev., therefore it can supply a reliable signal to allow the rotation of the motor to be phase-locked to an arbitrary frequency source. This is useful inthe construction of phase-locked rotary optical choppers, and other applications. The tach voltage also varies with rpm, and if rectified can be used in the same way as any other voltage generating tach for simple speed regulating circuits. Permaanently lubricated Bronze Bushings: $9.95

3) Yasakawa TO3L "Mini Series" High Performance DCPM motor - unused in original packing (Note -
for NEMA 23 size applications, this is one of the world's premier DCPM motors, a powerful, reliable performer: )
Velocity Constant: 12.5 V/ 1000 rpm,
17 oz-in/amp,
Peak Current:
8.7 amps
1.4 Ohms, 1.2 mH, Inertia: (5.3 x 10e-3 ) oz-in-sec2
Front - 0.250" x .6875", Rear - 0.250" x .4375"
(Just enough for an encoder, Turn it down under power to fit our $15 Rotary Encoder sets)
New in original containers PRICE: $79
1) 10,000 RPM Miniature 36mm ULTRASPINDLE NEW
Brushless Motor
Diameter = 24.6mm, Height = 36mm,
Rugged, shock resistant,
Three Phase, 0.6 ohms/phase motor. High torque from rare earth magnets,
Highest quality ball bearings, Designed for 300,000 hour MTBF.
APPLICATIONS: Diamond Turning, Optical scanners, Gyroscopes, Stabilizers $49/ea

2) 10,000 RPM Miniature 20mm ULTRASPINDLE NEW Brushless Motor
Diameter = 24.6mm, Height = 20mm,
Rugged, shock resistant,
Three Phase, 0.6 ohms/phase motor. High torque from rare earth magnets,
Highest quality ball bearings, Designed for 300,000 hour MTBF.
APPLICATIONS: Diamond Turning, Optical scanners, Gyroscopes, Stabilizers $39/ea

3) ABEC 7 Double Row Bearing Spindle Kit.
4) Precision Mechanical Bearing SPINDLE "4D" Computer Products (Moorepark, CA)

     Three phase BDC motor,  Hall Effect Commutation, 
      Shaft Encoder 
      Solenoid controlled pneumatic brake
      Highest quality ABEC-7 ball bearings, 
      APPLICATIONS: Diamond Turning, Optical scanners, Gyroscopes, Stabilizers
      PRICE - $975/ea.  Used, Guaranteed

(go to http://www.lasermotion.com/Airbearings.html)


      Three phase BDC motor,  Hall Effect Commutation, 
      Shaft Encoder 
      Air line port for chuck control
      Highest quality Air bearings.  Seagull is the "Choice" for 10,000+ rpm spindles.
      APPLICATIONS: Diamond Turning, Optical scanners, Gyroscopes, Stabilizers
      PRICE - $2975/ea.  Used, Guaranteed

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