Sony SRX-611

Fast Cycle, Accurate, High Speed SCARA Robot

Precision Harmonic drives with High Performance AC Servo Motors
Proven design, Spares available, Third-Party Suppliers

Well Plate Pipetting and Microbiology Sample Handling.
Well Plate Reading with Fiber-Optic, Electronic, Ph, and other probes.
Automated Weighing and sorting of samples.
Component Testing (eg. handling optical filters).
Packaging Small items (eg: Vials In Boxes, Candies in gift boxes).
Pick and Place Assembly of Optical, Mechanical, and Electronic Components (diode bar assembly).
Test probing of Circuit Boards.
- - and many other R&D and Manufacturing operations.

Quantity Available: 15

Low Cost!!!, Call for Pricing Options.


Work Envelope:

Z axis: 150mm
R axis: ±360 degrees
Combination if 1 and 2 axis 5200mm/sec
Z axis: 770mm/sec

Arm Length:

1st arm: 350mm
2nd arm: 250mm
Total length: 600mm
1st arm: 220 degrees
2nd arm: ±150 degrees

Max speed when 4.4 lbs: R axis: 1500 degrees/sec
Cycle time when 4.4 lbs: 0.6 seconds/per unit
Payload: 4.4 lbs, 6.6 lbs and 11 lbs
Power Requirements: 200-240 V 7.5 A 6.5 A 50/60 Hz
Weight: 77lbs


Sony SRX-611 Control Box

Sony SRX-611 Foot Print

Notes:  LMDC does not participate in how these systems are installed or used. The buyer is entirely responsible for meeting local worker safety regulations.