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"Step Motor Motion"
Stepper Motors, Step-Motors, Step motor drivers, indexers Stepper Motors, Step-Motors, Step motor drivers, indexers

Indexer - Controller - Driver

Please Note, we are proud to offer :

Before you plan ANY step-motor system, Rotary or Linear, Consider LMDC's New Switchmode Step Controller from TESTRA

This controller plus a laser and motion table can run just like a Universal Laser Engraving-Cutting System. If you think yoiu might have an immediate need, please call or e-mail with your requirements. Testra provides everything to make your step-Motors happy! - in Prototype and Production !

of High Efficiency Switch-Mode Micro-Stepping Drivers for up to 5 Amp Motors
PORPORTIONAL CONTROL: 5th axis Porportional Control 0-10VDC Analog Output for Spindles, Lasers and other Tools.
CONTROLLER: Contouring, CNC type controller command set.
POWER SUPPLY: Universal Offline Power Supply (90-264VAC)
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Connectors, Software.
PRICE = $1599 (OEM discounts are available for value added quantity orders)

A Helpful Accessory Kit you can buy with your controller:
For only $99 when you buy a TESTRA controlleer at $1599,
We now offer an optional
Developer Kit containing:
1 - Testra Controller,
2 - Four Step- Motors
(Select NEMA 17 or NEMA 23),
3 - Eight Optical Limit Switches,
4 - 8 foot long cables and connectors.
(You will have to wire your motors and connectors)
5 - Software
to provide complete solutions for your ongoing needs. (Downloadeable from the TESTRA site).

Step-Motor Controller
Oregon Micro Systems, OMS VMEX-6

VME bus, 6 Axis, manufactured 1998 - 2000, Firmware 2.09
Replaced in 2000-2001 by VX2-006 (at $1700)
Output is step & direction
Each axis has a pair of limit inputs plus a home input as well as an auxiliary output for drive or amplifier current control
Up to 8 "user definable" TTL I/O lines
All control signals are on the P2 connector
Independent and coordinated motion of all axes
Circular interpolation
Constant velocity linear interpolation (all axes)
Electronic gearing
Parabolic, S-curve & Linear trajectory profiles
*** Note, it is our impression that Oregom Micro makes quite good products and is very interested in the welfare of their costomers. According to OMS customer service, the typical repair cost for a bord of this sort is $220. We find this pricing to be quite reasonable, and it makes us confident in offering these boards to customers who depend on long term support. Please check the OMS website for much information on VME boards, and application notes.
Price = $790/each, Guaranteed

Stages with Step-Motors

MEGAMATION "MegaOne"24" x 36" travel Linear Step-Motor Air-Bearing Robot Dual Head System

This system includes vision CCD cameras, and was used for precision placing of large package, fine lead surface-mount components.

X-Y Step-Motor Planar Air Bearing Stages
At this time we have three large motion air-bearing planar X-Y motion systems in stock for immediate delivery. These systems are used.
1 - Normag 34 x 78" with single forcer and driver.
2 - Normag 42 x 78" with single forcer and driver.
3 - Megamation - (see immediately above)

However we supply this product, manufactured in Asia, on an OEM basis. US suppliers of this type of stage are Xynetics and Normag. Repeatability is, theoretically speaking, as good as 1 micron. Please specify your reuirements when you enquire.

2"x 2" Compumotor - Daedal X-Y Step-Motor System, $1995. Featuring: 0.00025 inch resolution, Step-Motors, Table & Controller
Parker/Compumotor model Model M57-83 Motor + Chopper Microstep Drive Steps/rev 25,000, Torque: 80 oz-in, Velocity: 1200 rpm, nominal
Inputs: "STEP", "DIRECTION", "SHUTDOWN" - Optoisolated, 20 mA, nominal
Power: 120 VAC, 1A, Includes cables.
C) X-Y STAGE Parker/Daedal Model 106042S-10E: 2" x 2" Motion (5" x 5" mounting), Precision Ground 10 Pitch Lead Screw, Ball and Hardened Rod Ways, Motion Increment = 0.00025" per step Resolutio, Incl. SX57-83 Motor-Drive System listed above.
Several Systems Available: $1995/each system.
4"x 4" (100mm) Kensington Precision Crossed Roller Stage
Compumotor Micro Step Motor & Drive 250,000 steps/inch for optical bench & other Hi-Resolution Apps.

Small, precise and rigid stage subsystem.
Crossed Roller Bearings for rigid, smooth, straight travel.
10 pitch Universal ultra precison ground screw.
Compumotor 57-83 motor High Torque microstepping.
Compumotor M57 motor driver microstepping (25,000 steps/rev).
Requires 120VAC power and TTL "step" and "direction" inputs

2 Axis Stage, Motor, Microstepping Drive = $2195 (Quantities available)
1 Axis Stage, Motor, Microstepping Drive = $1149

Call if you want this stage mounted on a granite surface plate, or if you need a small high speed air bearing spindle on the same surface plate. This can be the basis of a diamond turning lathe, if you wish. Utilize Parker/Compumotor model 6200 indexer, or Ability Systems' software on a PC for the controller.

Quick Change Mounting Fixture. Includes:
1) Quick-Change fixture plate,
2) Quick-change bottom mount,
3) Quick-change, adjustable position top mount.

4" x 4" Compumotor - Daedal X-Y Step-Motor System, $2995. Featuring: 0.00025 inch resolution, Step-Motors, Table & Controller
B) MOTOR DRIVERS Parker/Compumotor model PK3 DigiPlan, 1/2 Step Self-contained drivers, Operate from 120 VAC, Can use "4-button joystick", Short Circuit Protected, 57-83 Motors included, 100 oz-in Stall, 30 oz-in @ 20 rps (1200rpm)
C) X-Y STAGE Parker/Daedal Model 106042S-10E: 4" x 4" Motion (6" x 6" Top Plates), Precision Ground 10 Pitch Lead Screw, Ball and Hardened Rod Ways, Motion Increment = 0.00025" per step Resolutio, Incl. SX57-83 Motor-Drive System listed above.
Several Systems Available: $2995/each system.
JADE X-Y-Z-theta Motion Platform
6 x 6 x 0.2 inch x ±5 degree $2,950
Open frame cross roller X-Y stage
"Z" and "theta" mounted on top.
Model 6250 Schneeberger Cross-Roller slides.
Very nice to use as microscope stage or for µ-machining, using micro-step drivers.
200, 200, 100 & 50 oz-in motors. Very rigid stage system:

6" Travel, Screw = 0.1" pitch, Rail = Lintech Twin Rail, Motor = NEMA23 mount, not included. Payload = 200lbs.(1) $ 450

10" Travel, Aerotech ATS0225M02B, Ball Screw, Motor = 90oz-in 4.6A/2.3V, 6"x 6"size Slide with 1/4x20 holes on 1" pattern (1) $1195

12" Travel, Screw = 0.5" pitch, Rail = 1" wide THK plus 0.5" rod, Motor = Vexta PH265-058 (3.8A/1.4V NEMA23) 10) $ 950

20" Travel, Screw = 0.5" pitch dual start BS, Rail = Lintech 100000 ser., Motor = M232-04 (1.8A/4.3V NEMA23), Slide Surface = 3.5"x 4.0", Dims: 3.5"w x 2.375"h x 32" overall, E3/500-250 optical encoder Load capacity exceeds 500lbs. 6) $1750

26" Travel, Screw = 0.5" pitch, Rail = Thompson DSRA-8 (0.5" rod TwinRail on 3" centers), Motor = Vexta PH268-05B (4.7A/1.4V NEMA23) (5) $1350


5 Phase: (aka: "5 wire", Vexta, Berger Lahr , and 0.72º step, or 500 step/rev motors)

1) UDX5114N Vexta Driver module $245 (unused)
For motors: PK: 564, 566, 569, 596, 599, 5913
Standard Type, Single-Phase 100V-115V

2 Phase: (aka: "4 wire", "Six wire", and "8 wire" 200/400 step per rev motors)

1) Superior Electric SD200 or Pacific Scientific / Sigma Model 5210 Step-Motor Driver Module.
H-Bridge, Full or Half Step, Programmable Current: 0-3A current drive.
Programmable Chopper Frequency, Short Circuit Protection ,
TTL inputs, opto-isolated, Power required is 5VDC, 0-44VDC., Unused, . .$Call

2) Warner Electric's Superior SLO-SYN® controls:

"Modulynx" Indexers and Drivers,
SloSyn Step-Motor Indexer & Driver Boards (photo of both)

a) Modulynx INDEXER CArd, Model IDD008 $79
IDD008 Programmable acceleration, speed.
IDD008 Controls = "Jog", "Run+", "Run-",
IDD008 On-board oscillator
IDD008 Manual Included

b) Modulynx 5 Amp DRIVER Card, Model DRD002A $99
DRD002A Power required = +12V/.6A logic, 21-63VDC motor.
DRD002A Topology = Bipolar, thus you can use CT or two lead windings.
DRD002A is a "Transconductance" amplifier type of driver, that is, current through the motor winding is porportional to the voltage. In addition, if you use a DAC to provide Sin/Cos signals to the two motor phases, you will then have microstepping capability.
DRD002A Manual Included

3) Centent Model CNO142
Anti-Resonance 10 step/step Microstep Drive Module

* Resistor Programmable Output 0.75 - 7.0 Amps (nominal), from Bipolar H-Bridge.
* To adjust for correct current, when you are in doubt, start at lowest value, increasing until motor provides sufficient torque or begins to overheat after being on 10 minutes, whichever comes first.
* 20ma Opto-Isolated Step and Direction Inputs (may be driven from TTL Printer-Port Outouts).
* 2000 steps/rev with a 200 step motor. DC supply 24-60VDC for rapid slewing.
* Dimensions 4" x 4.5" x 0.75", Cool Running, Reliable. The most "agreeable" driver we sell. PRICE = $139

4) Compumotor Model OEM650 Drive:
Save 50% on this quite intelligent driver-controller combination $290

5) Compumotor Model C Microstepping Drive: $249
Jumper Select Steps:
200, 400, 2000, 5000, 10000, 18000, 20000, 25000
Step Rate: Maximum of 750000/s
Linearity: Jumper Select Pure Sine, 4% 3rd Harmonic, -4% 3rd Harmonic
Motor Current: 0.14 up to 5.00 amps/phase
Motors: Any CT 6 or 8 wire Step Motor, e.g.: C57-51, C57-83, C57-102, C83-62, C83-93, C83-135, and many more, including most Slo-Syn 6 &8 wire motors.
Power Required: LOGIC: +9-24VDC/300ma ., MOTOR: +12-90VDC / (current to motor) $249

6) Compumotor Model AX Micro-Step Drive, with Indexer (includes RS-232 Indexer). This Drive is a combined a bipolar 3A ("AXL" ) microstepping drive with up to 12,800 steps/rev., and indexer with 70 commands and opto-isolated I/O capability. OUTPUTS: Home, End of travel limits (2), Triggers (3), Sequence (3). INPUTS: (2). Motor current, BIPOLAR, is switch selectable in 32 increments from 94 - 3000 ma. Only two wires are required for each winding. Cables not included. Used

7) Parker Digiplan SD12/SD13 drivers and SC60 six slot 19" rack. Call for Pricing. Several available.


5 Phase:

1) Oriental Motor/Vexta PK569AHWM with 24V Brake $195
(new in factory boxes) NEMA23, 500 step/rev. + 24V Brake
5 wire
(Pentagon) 1.32V/2.8A, 0.45 ohm, Works with controller 5114N
Magnetic brake (2 wires) 24V/0.25A
- works with Vexta UDX5114 driver

2) Oriental Motor/Vexta PK569AHW

2 Phase:

NEMA 17 SIZE (1.7" dia.)

1) - 200 Step, 4.0ohm-0-4.0ohm/1.2amp C-T, or 8ohm/600ma Bipolar
Single end shaft 1"x 0.25", Square Body 1.68" long 6 pin connector, supplied with mating connector and 12" leads
Wred for Bipolar configuration (4 wires) Two manufacturers: (Typical Photo) a) Warner Superior Electric Slo-Syn M041, b) Mineba type 17PM-K103-05V
TORQUE; about 30oz-in holding (thermal limit), up to 40oz-in dynamic, using increased current from driver when accelerating. NEW in Mfg.boxes,guaranteed $16/ea.

NEMA 23 SIZE (2.3" dia.)

1) Compumotor C57-51 Single end shaft $49
2) Compumotor C57-51 Double end shaft $69 (Photo)
3) Compumotor C57-83 Single end shaft $79
4) Compumotor C57-83 Double end shaft $99 (Photo)

5) Pacific Scientific / Sigma E21NRHT-LNN-NS-00 Motor, 123 oz-in hold torque, high torque for this case size, 4 wire bipolar windings, 2.8A, 0.72 ohms, 2.2 mH, Single ended shaft: Ball bearings, 0.25 inch diameter, 0.75 inch long, Case size: NEMA 23, 2.060 inches long, 2.25 inch diameter, ideal mate to the 5210 driver module. $ 59 / ea.

6) Eastern Air Devices 53 oz-in Motor: versatile step motor. 53 oz-in holding torque, 8 wire windings for bipolar or CT, arrange for 0.8, 1.9, or 3.8 amp current, Single ended shaft: Ball bearings, 0.25 inch diameter, 1 inch long, Case size: NEMA 23, 2.25 inch diameter, $29 / ea.

7) Japan Servo 85 oz-in 400 Steps/Rev. $29/ea, (- and if you want to see what a quality motor looks like inside, here is the dis-assembled motor, showing the clean design and double stack with ball-bearing construction.)
Japan Servo TYPE KP56QM2-001, with Ball Bearings on each end of shaft. (note, unless you burn out the windings, and this takes at least a little effort, the only failure mode in step motors is bearing failure - which is easy to remedy as well as rare with Japan ball bearings)
NEMA23 mounting flange: Motor Length = 75mm from flange to rear of case, Motor Diameter = 57mm. Shaft Length = 14mm, Shaft Diameter = 5.9mm
6 Wire CT windings 3.5 ohm - 0 - 3.5 ohm,
Maximum Current: Center tapped - 1.5A , Bipolar, full winding - 1.0A
note: These motors have been carefully removed from surplus assemblies - leads are 75 mm long, and may require extending for some applications. We guarantee your satisfaction with these motors !! Limited quantity available. $29/ea

NEMA34 SIZE (3.4"dia.) (none available at this time)

MOTORS with matching DRIVERS:

Oriental Motor 48-527oz-in Super VEXTA 5 Phase Motor-Drivers in matched Sets.
UPD series Motor + Driver Kits. Like new, 100% guaranteed.
Include Driver 115VAC version, motor, cable, line cord, and instructions

Features include Low Torque Ripple and Vibration, as well as fewer resonance problems than with 2-phase motors. These are the "H" high speed motors, and follow up to 80,000 steps/sec in 1/2 step mode. Automatic Current Cutback, Thermal Cutout, Self Test, and selection of Up/Down or Pulse/Direction inputs. Driver Current levels are fully settible from selector switches. Used , Guaranteed, including cables.

              DRIVER             MOTOR         QTY  YOUR COST

Super Vexta  UDX5128NA            PH5913H-NAA  33   $499
NEMA34, Pentagon Drive,  High speed option,
1000 steps/rev, 50 tooth, 525oz-in hold,  300oz-in@10k

Super Vexta  UDX5114NA            PH 569M-NAA   66   $399
NEMA23, Pentagon Drive,  High speed option,
2000 steps/rev,100 tooth, 100oz-in hold,   50oz-in@30k

Super Vexta  UDX5114NA            PH 566M-NAA   33    $299
NEMA23, Pentagon Drive,  High speed option,
2000 steps/rev,100 tooth, 50oz-in hold,    25oz-in@80k

500 Step Motor + Driver $69.00
The Sales Pitch: (Spending $700, $800, or even $1000 on "brand-name micro-stepping motors and controllers ? You can get at least 10 times the performance per dollar with this ensemble. No unreasonable repair bills when the driver fails. High Indent torque. Designed for long continuous life. Impeccable quality ! And, no lethal or line-referenced voltages appearing uninvited on your equipment or experiment !) A great advantage of this system is that it is all there, except for the DC power supply! Close to plug and play, and VERY reliable! For a user's info and comments, (he is in Physics) please view: http://www.etp.phys.tue.nl/herman/sm5phase.html

NEMA 23, 5-phase 500 step 65 oz-in, 90 oz-in peak
Oriental Motor . Powerful 5-phase, low resonance (Berger-Lahr design), cont.-duty rated motor. 1" by 0.25" Shaft, 20" cable. 0.72 degrees/step. Prec. Ball-Bearings. Removable 1 Tooth/mm belt pulley. Case size is NEMA 23 (2.3" diameter) Unused

THE DRIVER CARD: NEC Switch-Mode, Current Regulating.
= 6.75"x 8.75".
Power required: MOTOR = 9.5-31VDC, 2 A., LOGIC = 5VDC, 0.40A
TTL inputs: = "Step-up", "Step-down", "Inhibit".
Motor Current = Trimpot adjusts from 0.35 to 1.2A, regardless of supply voltage.
Safe, unlike designs using rectified line voltage.! You can use it with automobile battery power for Portable Telescopes, as well as for Valves, Robotics, Precision Drives, X-Y Tables, Focusers, Gratings. One jumper wire must be soldered in for Bi- Directional drive.
Schematics and application tips included. (New Lower Price!) $69.00
Compumotor model PK3 DigiPlan Motor + Driver . . $290
Parker/Compumotor model PK3 DigiPlan,
1/2 Step Self-contained drivers,
Operate from 120 VAC, Can use "4-button joystick",
Short Circuit Protected, 57-83 Motor included, 100 oz-in Stall, 30 oz-in @ 20 rps (1200rpm)
Compumotor Model M57-83 Motor + Chopper Microstep Drive: $199
Steps/rev 25,000, Torque: 80 oz-in, Velocity: 1200 rpm, nominal
Inputs: "STEP", "DIRECTION", "SHUTDOWN" - Opto-isolated, 20 mA, nominal
Power: 120 VAC, 1A, Includes cables.
Motor and Drive $199
Compumotor Model LE57-83 Motor + Linear Microstep Drive: $299
Noise-Free (
non chopper design - Otherwise similar to M57)
Steps/rev 25,000, Torque: 80 oz-in, Velocity: 1200 rpm, nominal
Inputs: "STEP", "DIRECTION", "SHUTDOWN" - Optoisolated, 20 mA, nominal
Power: 120 VAC, 1A, Includes cables.
Motor and Drive $299

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