Tamarack Model 302 Large Area Exposure System 11,098.5 hours
(That's about 5 years of 5 day 9-5 use, or 1.5 years of 24h production.)

  Positive Resist
450x500mm exposure area
2 micron resolution (can be upgraded with newer lens)
Includes Enviromental Enclosure System
(not shown)

Tamarack Model 302 Large Area Exposure System

As shown with mechanical restraints and various padding for storage.

Formerly used by dpix in Palo Alto for patterning high-performace digital x-ray image sensors. System was shut down and stored, according to Tamarack, in good working condition.

The essence of simplicity, this system uses a lens which, along with the mask, scans the resist and exposes it all at once, unlike step-and-repeat systems which require many mask changes.

When dpix graduated from 365x460 substrates to 2x larger 730 X 920 mm size substrates, this machine was retired and stored for possible future use, but it is now available for sale.


Frame of mask-scanning stage. 



Electronic Controls Cabinet, not including lamp power supply and other external units.

Major generational changes from this model 302 to subsequent 303 and now 304 units (currently selling around $1.2 million) were in choice of electronics modules as opposed to mechanical details. 

Lowest cost support is sources from third party servicers and sources of various motor-controls, sensors, and other motion components.

The majority of these systems are used in Korea and Taiwan.


Tamarack manufacturer's label.

Ready for use in flat-panel, display, sensor and MEMS manufacturing of all kinds.