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RETICON / EG&G / Perkin Elmer

SC1100: 1100x330 pixel TE Cooled, digital camera

Description: Sensor with large pixels for dynamic range is sealed in hermetic metal/ceramic enclosure with fused silica window. Heat is removed by fan at rear of the heatsink for the thermoelectric cooler.
This camera was manufactured for highest sensitivity, lowest noise, and quite wide wavelength sensitivity. Other features include

Pixels: 20x20 micron
Sensor: 1100 x 330 pixel, 21x7mm
Window: Fused Silica
° Sensitivity = 30 electrons per digital unit
° Full well at least 250k electrons
° Min linear output = 14500 digital units
° Read noise less than 2 digital units, average.
° Dark Current less than 3pA/cm2 (typically 0.5pA) @ -15C
° Dark Current less than 60 electrons/pixel/second @ -15C
° Temperature of TE cooler at chip -15C
° Data clock rate = 277Khz
° Dark Defects = 0, Hot Defects = 0
° Gain greater than 1 microvolt/electron/pixel
°  Wavelength response (silicon) from 1100nm down to 200nm,
(useful from about 300 to 1150nm)

Condition: These are surplus units. Original cost was in the range of $15,000/each. No schematics or manuals supplied. OUTPUT = SCSI (We suggest you try "Labview" softare for reading camera output) Images:
Front View - Sensor, Sensor Board, Data Board
Back View - TE Cooler Fan, Board
Camera Board - Sensor and Drivers
Connectors View - Where Cables Mate

PRICE = $495

LMDC 3101 Whipple Road, Union City, CA 94587, 510-429-1060, -1065, <office@lasermotion.com>
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