Lightly Used Tokki 400x400mm Three Chamber E-Beam Coating System
EXTREMELY High Throughput
Load-Lock Cluster-Tool, 180 Second Takt Time, 2800 Substrates/wk
With 10 Mask Library Chamber with mask registration to 20 microns
Three JEOL JST-10F 10kw E-Beam Supplies,
2 JEBG-163MB single pocket, & 1 EBG-203 multi-pocket JEOL Guns

Using 4 pocket Guns, 12 different materials can be coated in this one system

Vacuum Schematic:
Transfer Chamber
LoadLock Chamber
UnLoadLock Chamber
Evaporation Chambers -
3 ea., with Thickness Controls and Cryo Pumps.
Mask Library Chamber

Also Included:
All Cables
All Vacuum Pumps
Drawings and Manuals

One of 3 Coating Chambers
Another of three coating chambers
Three JEOL JST-10F 10kw EBeam supplies are included
Here's an idea:  
Use one chamber for deposition of a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) for OLED Touch Screen Manufacturing
Throughput Note:  Please consider that with tool imposed takt time (the "Beat of Customer demand") of only 180 seconds, as opposed to the 1-8 hours of conventional evaporation systems from Balzers, Leybold, and so on .... and assuming a vacation imposed 15% down time 24/7, you will be in a position using this tool to coat 148,900 400x400 substrates or 16" wafers per annum !  
And how many touch-screen displays might that be ??  ... or mirrors, or ...
Short history:  Made for OLED production, but Biz Plan did not work.
They are sad, you will be (very) happy !
Robust and reliable are Tokki products.
Original cost in currency worth 30% more just a few years ago, about $6.5 milliion
Remains leading-edge production system
Supported by Tokki Japan.  Can be installed in Asia or US, or most places in between.
Please call to discuss your needs and desires.
Spec Pages:  P1, P2, P3