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Cameras - Machine Vision, Microscope, TV, Broadcast, Surv

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$ 329.00

Minolta Chroma Meters:
see: http://www.minolta.com/japan/rio/e/colorimeters.html
and (if you read Italian) http://www.minolta.it/colorimetria/Home.html
Minolta CR-200 Chroma Meter - for tri-stimulus measurement matching CIE 1931 Standard Observer Curves of an 8mm disk with diffuse illumination from a pulsed Xenon arc light source at 0 degree view angle.
Minolta Model 200 Measuring Head, used, excellent $1250
Minolta Model I/O-200 Interface Box, used, excellent $ 750

Minolta CR-300 Chroma Meter - for tri-stimulus measurement matching CIE 1931 Standard Observer Curves of an 8mm disk with diffuse illumination from a pulsed Xenon arc light source at 0 degree view angle.
The model 300 is billed by Minolta as having excellent instrument to instrument correlation in comparison to the 200
Minolta Model 300 Measuring Head, used, excellent $2250
Minolta Model I/O-300 Interface Box, used, excellent $1550

Sony XC-003P 3CCD Color PAL Camera - $ 995 - out of stock at this time!!
3CCD sensors 1/3" (4.8mm x 3.6mm) hyper HAD interline transfer, 6.5 µm(H) x 6.25 µm(V) pixel size, , PAL/RGB, 756(H)x581(V)
Shutter up to 1/10,000
, up to 4s on-chip integration, 12VDC, C-Mount, Sync: Int/Ext, S/N Ratio: 59/58db, Dimensions: 50x56x128 mm, Weight: 440 grams
Used with fram grabbers to give a larger sensing area
List = $3500, Not used, Guaranteed. No cables, connectors or power supply included
3 units available - LMDC Price = $1195/ea.
Specs at
: http://www.pinnaclevision.co.uk/sonyxc003p.htm Size = 6"x2.25"x2",

Single CCD Color Cameras

Sony and Cohu Color High Resolution single CCD Color Cameras for:
Machine Vision, Image Capture, and Bio Science: These cameras are from equipment used for sales activities in the field by an OEM. Cosmetically "like new", and functioning perfectly, both models are sold "satisfaction guaranteed"
Approaching the quality of a 3-CCD unit, these Sony XC-711 vertical stripe cameras with RGB outputs make excellent sensors for microscopes, for Robotics, and in applications where high acuity is a must. In addition, the large 6.6 x8.8mm (2/3") image sensing area is appropriate for many conventional optical systems and provides less diffractive "spill-over " between neighboring pixels. Square Pixels (11 x11 microns) in the PAL version are convenient for video metrology applications.

1 Sony Model XC-711 2/3" Color NTSC CCD Camera Featuring 1/10,000 shutter $329
NTSC/RGB, 768(H)x493(V), 12VDC, List = $1400, used, guaranteed, includes power and RGB connectors. LMDC
Specs at
: http://www.subtechnique.com/noframes/sony/xc711.html Size =6"x2.25"x2", C-mount.

2 Sony Model XC-711P 2/3" Color PAL CCD Camera Featuring 1/10,000 shutter $329
PAL/RGB, 756(H)x581(V), 12VDC, List = $1400, used, guaranteed, includes power and RGB connectors. LMDC Price = $349
Specs at
: http://www.subtechnique.com/noframes/sony/xc711.html Size = 6"x2.25"x2", C-mount.

3 Cohu Model 1322-1000 1/2" Sensitive Integrating Color CCD $299
*Note: The Cohu 1322 offers image integration of up to 16 seconds where high sensitivity is a must. It is about the lowest cost integrating camera that we know of.
NTSC, 12VDC, Crystal Synch, Auto-Iris. List Price = $1025 , used, guaranteed.
Specs at:
http://www.cohu.com/cctv/1300.html Size = 5" x 2" x 2", C-mount.
Interline transfer CCD with matrix filter, Image Area: 6.4 x 4.8 mm (1/2" format)
Picture Elements:
NTSC: 768 (H) x 494 (V)
Resolution: NTSC:
460 horizontal TV lines, 350 vertical TV lines;
Sensitivity @ 3200K faceplate illumination:
6.5 lux at full video, AGC off; 0.3 lux at 80% video, AGC on; 0.08 lux at 30% video,
AGC: 0-20 dB , S/N Ratio (AGC off): 48 dB
Externally controllable 1/60 sec to 16 sec
Internal DIP switch, 1/60 to 1/10,000, 8 steps;
Color Balance:
Automatic, through-the-lens type, less than 10 IRE units unbalance from 2850K to 5800K; local/remote, manual white balance
NTSC crystal , Power Requirements: 12 VDC / 0.5A

TM-7EX, 1/2" B&W, NTSC 768Hx494V (used) $249
Super mini size, micro lens 1/2" interline transfer CCD
Shutter from 1/60 to 1/10,000
Asynchronous reset, anual adjustable gain, AGC, gamma, and field/frame select
Ext. sync, clock and sync out

TM-1001 Digital/Analog 1024x1024 Machine Vision Camera
9x9micron pixels
(used) $795
1" progressive scan in Digital Mode, 50,000 electrons/well.
1024(H) x 1024(V) interline transfer CCD imager, 15 digital frames captured per sec.
30 frames displayed/sec. at analog output
Full frame integration with uninterrupted video at 30 frames/sec. analog output.
Digital RS-422 progressive scan or Analog output with monitor display output format available
Asynchronous reset with ext. shutter control, Full-frame shutter to 1/16,000 sec.
Frame memory built-in for async image capturing
AGC on/off, gamma 1 or 0.45
Small and light weight; high-rel connectors
(Image1, Image2, Image3, Connector Drawing)

8 foot long RGB cable: [D9
to 4 BNC]
(Image) $13.95
Works with Sony XC711 and many other cameras with RGB outputs.
(Compare at $30+ elsewhere)

Pins:   1 -  ground return
           2 -  ground return
           3 -  to BNC   "red" 
           4 -  to BNC  "green"
           5 -  to BNC   "blue"
           7 -  to BNC  "black"
Shell - not connected to pins

Video Line Sensors

Takenaka Line Scan Camera Model IMS 1K EP, (serial 7051K)
Images - Camera, Rear Panel.,
Lens = SMC Pentax-A 50mm/1.7
This is an unused 1K pixel industrial / robotics line scan camera $1175

Toshiba 2700 x 3 [RGB] pixel CCD Line Sensor - $49
This is a compact RGB CCD sensor from Toshiba. It features low noise, a 2MHz clock rate, and is ideal for making a scanning color camera for the electronic equivalent of the view camera with, for example, a spatial resolution of 2700 x3375 pixels, or the equivalent of a 4"x 5" negative with resolution of 37microns per pixel, or optically the equivalent of 1300 lines/inch or 50 lines/mm, approximately.
NEC 4096 pixel CCD line sensor CAMERA on a board - $ 69

SENSOR: mounted, 4096 CCD (to 8MHz pixel clock rate ready to use)

on a circuit board with drivers and controls)

Pixels  = 5x7µm, on 7µm centers with 2µm "channel stoppers". 
Length of detector: = 7µm x 4096 = 28.672 mm 
Spectral Response:  = 300-1100nm, 5% to 5%, 
Detectors:            PN junctions 
Charge Transfer efficiency = 99.996% 
Output Rate:          8 Mpixel/sec. 
Package:              Ceramic DIP 24 pins 
Cover Window:         0.5mm Thick,Refractive index = 1.76

APPLICATIONS: Linear measurement, Custom scanners, Laser Beam Analyzers, Spectrophotometry.
INCLUDES: Complete Schematic and data package.
BOARD: NEC designed and built CCD-driver-interface card: approximately 7" x 8.5" in size and including the CCD line array, and all support electronics to generate 4096 lines of analog or 4 bit digital pixels. The user will have to set the interface on the computer side.
POWER: +12, ±5VDC
QUANTITY: 1000 are available for your projects!
OUTPUTS: Clocked output lines of 4096 Pixels. $ 99


Fujinon High Performance 50mm/1.4 C-mount Video Lens
for machine vision and many other applications (image) $99

ITP Model 40 Microscope to C-Mount ADAPTOR Motorized Rotation (Rotate the image instead of the object), Universal C-Mount "Eye" Lens to couple camera to eyepieces of Telescopes, Microscopes, and other "Scopes" usually coupled through eyepiece to the human eye $ 75

Canon V10x15 f/2.0 lens in Pelco Motorized mount,

Pelco TVJ10 Motorized Zoom Lens

Pelco Az-El Stand for "Pan and Tilt".


SONY UP811 B&W 110MM paper width 399

SONY UP930 B&W 216MM paper width $499

SONY UP5000 COLOUR PRINTER (sim. to UP5500) $675
Prints 1, 4 or 9 images on 8" x 5" paper
Excellent for badges, microscopy, and documentation
Controlled through RS-232


Tektronix Model DS1200 - NTSC & PAL
TV Demod System
(please specify NTSC or PAL when ordering)
for Broadcast and Cable studios and installations. $3750 - $4750
for NTSC or PAL Standard Broadcast and Cable TV Industries

Tektronix DS1200 (Newest revision is called DS1201) includes:

1) - TDC5 or TDC501 Tunable Down Converter with:
Synthesized tuning from 47MHz - 860MHz
Proprietary AGC for optimum quality signal,
Four Electronically Switchable RF Inputs,
Control via RS-232/485 Serial Interface,
Intercarrier Outputs Available,
RF Attenuator 0 - 45 db in 1 db steps.

2) - TDM5 or TDM501 Synchronous Demodulator
with: Saw Filter, 50db AGC Range, and Audio, Video and Quadrature Outputs
13 units "option MN" (NTSC - 45.75MHz subcarrier)
12 units "option BG" (PAL - - 38.90MHz subcarrier)

Measurement of all Audio and Video Parameters,
"Proof of Performance" as per FCC reguirements,
Suggested in Conjunction with 1740A or 1780R, Monitoring Audio and Video Signals,
Off Air Monitoring, Within Cable Systems and Studios,

Tektronix is quoting $13,915, and 12 weeks delivery.
Used Units frequently offered at around $6500

TDM5/TDC5 "MN" (NTSC)              Our Price = $1950 
TDM5/TDC5 "BG" (PAL)               Our Price = $2350 
TDM501/TDC501  (latest model NTSC) Our Price = $2490

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